Mehr Brünnlein 4: Heiligenberg Brunnen

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N 49° 25.667' E 008° 41.977' (WGS84)

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Der Weg

Beschreibung    Deutsch  ·  English

This multi leads you up and around the Heiligenberg. It is almost a round trip. Start and final are less than 400 m apart. Altogether the trip is almost 8 km during which you will visit 7 wells. You can also expect some meters in height, because the way is also leading you to the summit of the Heiligenberg. You will need good shoes and probably some provisions, because it might take you some time to complete the tour (2-3 hours by foot). The tour is not suited for a pram. At the different stages you have to answer questions in order to get the information that you need to calculate the final coordinates. One of the stages is optional. At this stage you can collect information that can be used to validate the other answers. However, the information at the optional stage is not required for finding the cache.


Now of you go and have fun.


Stage 1 Schneebergbrunnen N 49° 25.667 E 8° 41.977  273 m

The Tour starts at the bottom of the Heiligenberg at the Schneebergbrunnen. Here you can find a parking place. It might also be a good idea to replenish your water supplies at this well. It might be your last chance to do so for many kilometres.

What is the year written at the Schneebergbrunnen? A=

Above the Schneebergbrunnen there is a building. How many steps lead to the entrance door of the building? B=


The next stage can be reached via the following waypoints

W1 N 49° 25.693 E 8 42.067

W2 N 49° 25.574 E 8 42.038



Stage 2 Bittersbrunnen N 49° 25.6B E 8° 42.212  369 m NN

You have entered historical grounds. 400 BC the Celts had a fortified settlement at the Heiligenberg. The well was inside the outer circular rampart and was one of two wells that supplied water to the settlement.

When was the well restored? C=


Continue your way up-hill. The next stage is no well but a junction.


Stage 3 Junction N 49° 25.506 E 8° 42.(C-1682)  408 m NN

How many ways meet at this junction? D=

Follow the steepest trail uphill.


Stage 4 Water reservoir N 49° 25.D2D E 8° 42.(D-1) 29  427 m NN

You are standing in front of a water reservoir, which is still used. Water reservoirs collect water from different springs and contribute to the central water supply o f the city.

You cannot enter the water reservoir. A gate closes the way off.

How many thin vertical rods are in this gate? E=

How many steps are in the fenced area leading to the door of the water reservoir (excluding door sill)? F=


Stage 5 Außenzisterne N 49° 25.(F-3)35 E 8° 42.(E/2)93 438 m NN

You arrived at the summit of your tour. All other stages are further down. Take a breath and relax. In the Middle Ages water was a prerequisite for the monks to settle here. For their water supply they had an outer cistern. You are standing in front of it. Here water was collected and could be used when needed. To prevent you from falling into the pit, the cistern is surrounded by a fence.

At how many places is the fence anchored to the ground? G= 


You can reach the next stage via the Thing-Place


Stage 6 Thing-Brunnen N 49° 25.((G*G)-3*G-G/2) E 8° 42.358  365 m NN


No idea what the proper name of this well is. If you know it, put it into your log and I will change the name of this stage. Anyway, I think Thing-Brunnen is a nice and appropriate name. Almost always, when I visited this well it was only dripping. Its main function appears to be to look nice.

At the well you find a round metal knob/plaque, which has a word engraved. How many letters has the word? H=




Stage 6a Heidenloch N 49° 25.167 E 8° 42.205  376 m NN

This stage is optional (detour ca. 800 m, 10-15 min). Here you will find information that allows you to validate your answers at the other stages. If you answer everything at the other stages correctly, you will also find the cache without visiting this stage.

In any case, the Heidenloch is always worth a visit. At an expedition into the well a layer of bricks was discovered, which originated from Roman times. More information about the well can be found at the information panels in the hut.

You will need the following information for validation:

In which altitude above NN is the upper level of the well? Z1Z2Z3,Z4Z5 m

What is the maximal diameter of the “Brunnenmantel” in a depth of 52 m? 1,Z6Z7 m

If you have visited this optional stage, it is best to go back to the Thing-Brunnen.

If you look towards the Thing-Brunnen take the right path to the Zollstockbrunnen. Of course there are also other possibilities.




Stage 7 Zollstockbrunnen N 49° 25.(H*72+26) E 8° 42.929 384 m NN

Here you find a nice place for a pick nick including a wonderful view of the castle. The Zollstockbrunnen is close to the Schlossblick Hütte. You have the opportunity to grab a small tradi (Tolle Aussicht - Schlossblick Hütte GC1CGAQ).

However, you should focus on the well. Like the Bittersbrunnen the Zollstockbrunnen dates back to Celtic time and contributed to the water supply of the Celtic settlement. Nowadays both wells have only little water. In Celtic times they must have had much more water to supply the whole settlement. Scientists assume that acidic rain has made the clay layers porous and the water simply vanishes in the ground.

What is the year which is engraved in the well? I=  .


To reach the next stage I recommend to take the trail to Buchbrunnen and to pass the following two waypoints

W3 N 49° 25.839 E 8 43.011

W4 N 49° 26.108 E 8 43.173


Stage 8 Hütte N 49° 26.(I-1808) E 8° 43.131  388 m NN


Another nice hut with a view towards the Rhine valley!  There is a quarry close by but unfortunately no well. Inspect the hut.

How many beams (including the one in the centre) support the roof? K=


Follow the way downhill. At N 49° 26.138 E 8° 42.850 (W5) follow the street.


Stage 9 Einsiedlerquelle N 49° 26.088 E 8° 43.(K*10-48)  333 m

This is a very nice spring. Unfortunately the water is very acidic. In 2002-2003 the average pH-value was 4.3. For Alpine newts this is pretty deadly.

Close to the spring is some sort of natural seat or bench. How many large stones form it (include only the upper two layers)? L=

How many big trees are adjacent to the fountainhead? M=


Follow the way downhill to the next stage.


Stage 10 Outlet into the  Mühlbach N 49° 26.(M*10+L) E 8° 42.698  261 m

Here the water of the Einsiedlerquelle joins the Mühlbach. Immediately adjacent to the fortified banks of the creek is an old stone, which looks like a signpost.

How many readable letters are on it? In case you are not sure. Look around for a new sign post on a stone. What is the second digit of the four digit number? N=


Keep right and follow the Mühlbach upwards.


Stage 11 Pond N49° 26.359 E 8° 42.(N*20+649)  270 m NN

This is a romantic pond, where you can cross the Mühlbach. Here, often dogs enjoy a bath. How many steps connect the water with the trail, which is closest to the pond? P=

If you follow the way with the steps you will cross a bridge. The bridge has a railing with vertical connections. How many have a round cross-section? Q=


Stage 12  Buchbrunnen N49° 26.338 E 8° 42.(Q*20+57)  277 m NN

This is another nice place to rest. Look at the Buchbrunnen. There are to years engraved.

What is the earlier year? R=

What is the later year? S=


Follow the Mühlbach downhill to the last well of the tour.


Stage 13 Turnerbrunnen N49° 25.872 E 8° 42.(S-1670)  200 m NN

The well is a memorial well for the members of the sports club Handschuhsheim who died in the two world wars and for all the other inhabitants of Handschuhsheim, who died in the world wars. The well was erected by the Turn- und Sportverein

When was the Turn- und Sportverein registered  (e.V.)? T=


I think now its time for the final. Take your time for calculating the coordinates.




YYY=A+C+D -I +Q -R-S+T


N49° 25.XXX E 8° 42.YYY


If you feel unsure with some of your answers, you can validate them with the information from stage 6a “Heidenloch”.


Here are some equations for your validation.




C-A+I-T=Z3*100 +Z5+Z5

K+ G-H+E-D=Z7+Z2+Z3+Z4


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Diese Runde hatte ich in zwei Teile geteilt und den ersten Abschnitt im Rahmen anderer Caches erledigt. Die am weitesten entfernte Station habe ich mir gespart, da ich bereits wusste um was es sich handelt und die Antwort leicht zu recherchieren war. Somit ging es heute also nur noch von Station 13 rückwärts zur Station 9 (meiner Meinung nach mit die schönste Station) und anschließend zum Final. Unterwegs durften wir sogar noch Schnee-Reste von heute morgen "bestaunen" ... wenn sowas Ende April denn unbedingt sein muss, dann gehören die wenigstens an Station 1 [:o)][;)]
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ich hab heut mit Frau und Kind den o.g. Geocache ausprobiert! 1Station war natürlich kein Problem, 2Station hatten wir auch schnell gefunden! Allerdings ist für uns an der 2. Station nicht die Lösung zu finden gewesen! Wir haben mindestens eine halbe Stunde zu dritt gesucht und dann auf gut Glück weitergemacht! Da ich mich in dem Gebiet gut auskenne habe ich die weiteren Stationen auch ohne Koordinaten gefunden allein anhand der Beschreibung! Die Runde ist sehr schön, lässt sich auch mit Kindern bewältigen und ist äußerst abwechslungsreich! Daher sehr zu empfehlen! Nur würde ich gerne von oelfenbaerchen die Lösung zum Rästel an der 2ten Station erfahren, oder daß mal geprüft wird ob die Lösung noch vorhanden ist! Gruß, Torsten