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Saltern Cove - Torbay Landmarks No.10

 A seaside cache

von LordDarcy     Großbritannien > South West (England) > Torbay

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N 50° 25.132' W 003° 33.447' (WGS84)

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According to Wikipedia ...

The rocky coastline at Saltern Cove supports diverse communities of intertidal plants and animals. Along the lower shore the coarse grained rocks are partly covered by brown seaweeds such as Flat wrack (Fucus spiralis) and Knotted wrack Ascophyllum nodosum, while pools and crevices in the rocks provide shelter for a wide variety of algal species, such as the red seaweed Corallina officinalis. Animals include the Snakelocks anemone Anemonia viridis, the Spotted goby Gobius ruthensparri, Periwinkles Littorina spp. and the Squat lobster Galathea strigosa. At low tide, sandy areas are exposed between the rocks and these support a fauna characteristic of sediment shores including Common starfish Asterias rubens and burrowing animals such as the Razor shell Ensis arcuata, the Thin tellin Tellina fabula and the Sea potato Echinocardium cordatum...

According to http://www.oursouthwest.com/Specialf/Torbay/drake.htm  ...

The coast and shore-line between Goodrington Sands and Broadsands comprises a series of coves backed by cliffs. The area [is] known overall as Saltern Cove ... Goodrington Sands and Broadsands are two of Torbay's most popular beaches, attracting in the region of 900,000 visitors per year. Saltern Cove is the nearest extensive area of rocky foreshore to these beaches and inevitably it is used by a large proportion of these visitors for rock-pooling.

The cache is a magnetic key holder (sorry it's so small a cache, but I feel that anything larger would be at risk from muggles) hidden at the north end of the area of grassland north of Saltern Cove proper, This overlooks the beach at Goodrington Sands and further round the bay towards Torquay. Views can also be had of the south of Torbay towards Brixham Harbour and Berry Head.

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