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The Decoy Cache

 Near a country park

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N 50° 31.270' W 003° 36.609' (WGS84)

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( No, it's a real one ! )
It always amuses me to see signs for The Decoy Country Park - Where, I wonder, is the real one, then?

From http://www.teignbridge.gov.uk/

Decoy Country Park

A popular country park on the edge of Newton Abbot, which has been awarded a Green Flag for its high standard facilities.

Decoy Country Park - main entrance.grid ref. SX866 703

Decoy Country Park, situated on the edge of Newton Abbot, provides an opportunity to enjoy exciting wildlife and beautiful countryside. Decoy was once a clay quarry but now supports a wealth of wildlife, with the main habitats found here including ponds, streams, fen, wet woodland and heathy woodland. Most of the Country Park is either a County Wildlife Site (CWS) or a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Country Park provides opportunities for quiet countryside recreation such as walking, wildlife watching, duck feeding and picnics,
with good wheelchair and pushchair access.  Educational facilities are provided at the Decoy Discovery Centre. The site is divided into 4 main areas; the formal area (east of the lake); the playing fields and children's play area; the ponds (Decoy Lake and Magazine Pond); and the woodland which is the greatest part of the Country Park.

Location and Access
Decoy Country Park is on the south-east edge of Newton Abbot. It is 'brown-signed' on the Newton Abbot exit from the A380 Penn Inn roundabout.  Its main entrance is on Decoy Road. Many visitors walk to the site, as the Park is within a 15 minute walk or cycle ride from much of Newton Abbot. There is a car park with spaces for 90 cars. A local bus service stops at the Park entrance and Newton Abbot railway station is less than a mile away.

Facilities at this site include:
* Car park
* Public transport nearby
* Toilets
* Dog bins
* Picnic benches
* Fishing
* Play area with large paddling pool
* Refreshment kiosk (weekends 10am-4pm) Please note that the kiosk will be closed on Sat 22nd / Sun 23rd Dec and Sat 29th / Sun 30th Dec 2007
* Wildlife Discovery Centre (seasonal)
* Download the leaflet or ask the Rangers for a paper

Facilities for disabled people include:
* Disabled parking
* Disabled toilet (Radar key)
* The Blue Circular Trail around the lake – which is suitable for most wheelchairs,   particularly if used in clockwise direction to avoid the only uphill slope
* A Tactile map with Braille text for people with visual handicaps
* An Electric Mobility ‘Scooter’ - ring 01626 215773 or 01626 215751 to book

The cache, hidden outside the boundaries of the country park, is a camouflaged ammo box. At the time of hiding the cache contained a good selection of GeoSwag, a FTF certificate, and, of course, a logbook and pen.

While you're in the area don’t forget to check out Denbury Depository Terracache if you haven’t found it yet.
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