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Torquay Harbour

 A cache near Torquay Harbour (OC only)

von LordDarcy     Großbritannien

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N 50° 27.358' W 003° 31.246' (WGS84)

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Beschreibung    English

Torquay Harbour lies on the North shore of Tor Bay and despite a high proportion of activities revolving around the leisure industry, Torquay still remains a fully commercial and busy little port which is very close to the town centre giving easy access to shops, restaurants and bars.

Torquay Harbour is sheltered by two Piers.  Princess Pier to the West and Haldon Pier to the South.  

Princess Pier is a popular promenade complete with seating and is also a popular spot for anglers on the seaward side.  

Haldon Pier is more of a working Pier enjoying good vehicular access and ever increasing mariitme events.  It has a visitors pontoon which is accessable via a gangway (May - Septemeber only) and is also used by fishing vessels, pleasure boats, HM Customs, visiting yachts and many other miscellaneous craft.  Access to Haldon Pier is via Beacon Quay which bosts a very user friendly slipway accessable at all states of the tide, a large extended quayside which helps to hosts maritime events and various shops/cafes.

The outer harbour shelters a 170 berth Town Dock (Harbour Authority)  and a 440-berth Marina (MDL) from the prevailing South Westerly winds.  The Marina is situated next to the Pavilion Shopping Centre, a beautifully restored Edwardian building.  Both these facilities offere a variety of visitors berths throughout the year.

The enclosed inner harbour which is highly protected from the bad weather shelters visitor pontoons and approximately 170 trot moorings for vessels from 16ft LOA up to 30ft LOA.  Entry to the inner harbour is restricted at times and entry is via a bridge/cill which stops the harbour from drying out at low water. 

The cache is a small click-n-lock style box hidden overlooking the harbour and "The Millstones" - a pair of rocks just outside the outer harbour. 


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va n perivpr ng gur natyr bs gur cngu, uvqqra ol n fgbar



Torquay Harbour and The Millstones
Torquay Harbour and The Millstones


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