Jubiläumscache: 50 Jahre Amateurfunk in Neuss

 jubilee cache on the subject:amateur radio in Neuss

von rapebe     Deutschland > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Rhein-Kreis Neuss

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 51° 09.161' E 006° 43.467' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
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This cache deals with an interesting - but usually not well known  - hobby,  amateur radio - often mistaken with the CB radio or also "Jedermannfunk". The cache is dedicated to the 50-year-old existence of amateur radio association in Neuss. Aim with this cache is to inspire radio hams - particularly youngsters - for geocaching on the one hand and to interest, on the other hand, geocachers for the possibilities of amateur radio. A connection according to radio between both hobbies already exists for longer times: the so-called "geofoxing". You can find information about this in the net.All answers to the put questions can be answered also on Internet: one must surf on the website of the amateur radio association.
Of course the coordinates are fictive. But very near - on the other side of the building - one has the look at the aerials of one of the school stations of the amateur radio association Neuss.

1.) What does the abbreviation DARC mean "written out"?

– Position of the fourth letter of the second word in the alphabet =A

2.) To which district does the local association of Neuss belong?

– Position of the first letter of the district in the alphabet = B

3.) With which letter is this district called?

– Position of the letter in the alphabet = C

4.) What is the figure of the local association of the OV Neuss in the metropolitan area of Dusseldorf?

– Figure of the local association = D

5.) How many members had of the OV Neuss in 2008?

– Number of the members = E

6.) On which frequency were  short wave connections with radio amateurs of the twin town Pskow produced in 1990?

– The last figure of the frequency = F

7.) Also to the radio amateurs of the French twin town of Neuss a regular radio contact exists. How is the twin town called?

– Number of the letters of the third word = G

8.) How high is the annual membership fee in the association?

– Across sum of the contribution = H

9.) When was the foundation meeting of the local association Neuss (TTMMJJJJ)?

– Across sum of all figures = I

10.) Where does the OV evening of the local association take place monthly?

– Iteration of the across sum of the post code = J

11.) When does (did) the jubilee event  to the 50-year-old existence of the OV Neuss take place?

– Position of the weekday (weekly beginning with Monday) = K

12.) How is  the building called in which the jubilee takes place (took place)?

– Number of the letters of the building = L


N (F+G-D)(C-D-K) º (C-H-K)(C-G) . (G-J)(A-H)(C-D) ′

E (L-I)(I-L)(C-H) º (C-B)(C-G-K) . (J-K)(F+K-G)(A-B) ′

The first 10 "luggers" will get a glass of water, coke, lemonade or beer from owner on the day of the jubilee between 12.00 and 15.00 o'clock if they appear with GPS on the event place of the jubilee.

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Vg vf zntargvp - nyfb gerrf pbagnva veba vs bar "srrqf gurz ng gur ebbgf" - naq xrrcf vgfrys birepnfg.Va gur uvqvat cynpr gur ahzore 4 unf n zrnavat.;-)



Amateurfunk im Freien
Amateurfunk im Freien


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gefunden 15. Mai 2020 weltengreif hat den Geocache gefunden

Project "HZehn" cnt'd. Today I took the bike around the NW to NW end of my take zone, cleaning whole areas as much as possible. While I seemed to tire early, I managed to stay in the saddle for 12h, making 48 finds and one DNF. The weather remained brilliant, albeit a little on the windy side. I didn't seem in top form today, so finding quite a few caches took me longer than strictly necessary, but at least I persevered and, with that one exception, always prevailed.

I found this mystery surprisingly difficult to research as the website didn't reveal the relevant information that easily. In the end my pigheadedness overcame these odds and I got good coords. Outdoors, locating the cache box was straightforward.

TFTC and
[ ] the scenery
[ ] the physical exercise
[ ] the unique cache box
[ ] the enthralling puzzle
[ ] these intriguing facts
[ ] the adrenaline
& greetings from Neukirchen, Grevenbroich, Düsseldorf/Cologne, Germany!

Find No. 9,000+ (GC & OC)

Thought for the moment:
"Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse"
- from: T. S. Eliot, 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'

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Viel gelernt und gut gefunden. Dfdc