KTM X-BOW (vs. Tesla)

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N 47° 02.225' E 015° 28.728' (WGS84)

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790kg. 177kW/240hp. 0-100km/h 3.9sec.

Top Gear "2008 Sports Car of the Year"


The KTM X-BOW ("crossbow") is the first car produced by the Austrian KTM Power Sports AG, usually known for producing motorcycles. It's a 240hp racing car that was first presented on March 8th 2007 at the International Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. It has won the "2008 Sports Car of the Year" award by the well-known British BBC tv series "Top Gear".

There are four different models with the basic "street" model starting at a market price of 49,980 eur up to the "GT4" racing model at 82,900 eur.

For manufacturing the car KTM built a new production plant in Graz. In June 2008 the plant went live and mass-production of 1,000 cars per year started.

Across the street from the cache location you can have a look at different X-BOW models. And maybe you even manage to test-drive one, who knows? I constantly see people driving these around there.. icon_smile.gif

Ready to Race

Update May 2016: In August 2015 one of the buildings that used to home KTM on one side of the street became a Tesla service station. Near the cache location there are several Tesla superchargers so you might also be able to see some of these fine vehicles. icon_smile_wink.gif


KTM X-BOW pictures copyright (c) KTM-Sportcar Sales GmbH

Unfortunately due to restrictions imposed by geocaching.com I'm not allowed to show the logo of the manufacturer or the product and may not place a link to the official X-BOW website here. Luckily that one is really really well hidden and will never be found when performing a quick search..

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gefunden 25. November 2015, 21:25 yeahgod hat den Geocache gefunden

Am 20.3.2013 gefunden

gefunden 13. August 2014 run-cache-run hat den Geocache gefunden

Relativ schnell gefunden, etwas warten müssen, bis es in der näheren Umgebung ruhiger war.


gefunden 27. April 2013, 16:20 Wühl_Bär hat den Geocache gefunden

Mein erster Fund bei OC, zusammen mit Wühl_Frosch gefunden.


gefunden 13. Januar 2013 kjuv hat den Geocache gefunden

Schon ein schickes Gefährt, habe die Teile schon am Red Bull Ring bewundert, wusste bisher nicht, dass das Werk in Graz steht.


gefunden 16. Oktober 2012 Robert80 hat den Geocache gefunden

Schneller drive in. TFTC #168