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Insuyu Cave in Burdur

von hakan42     Türkei > Akdeniz > Burdur

N 37° 39.562' E 030° 22.478' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 14. Mai 2009
 Gelistet seit: 07. August 2009
 Letzte Änderung: 24. Juni 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC8C5A
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The Insuyu cave is a natural cavern formed by the dissolving of limestone rock by the seepage of rainwater through natural cracks from the surface. Rainwater takes carbondixide from the air and forms carbonic acid. This acidic rain water seeps into the caverns, dissolving the limestone and thus enlarging the cavern.
The age of the caverns are not precisely determined, although it is assumed to be between 500.000 and 1.000.000 years, as most of the other carstic cave systems in Turkey are.

In order to log this Earth Cache, please send the answers to the following questions beforehand to my profile email address .
  • Explain how the columns inside the cavern are formed
  • What is the approximate height above sea level
  • How many distinct lakes are in the caves?
Although not strictly necessary, I would be happy if you take a photo of you at the Earth Cache site and upload it with your log entry

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    Lake in Cave
    Lake in Cave


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    gefunden 06. November 2009 barmbek hat den Geocache gefunden

    We wanted to visit this cave, because the listing of this Earth cache sounded interesting to us. And due to its remote location we hoped to see a cave, that is not so much visited by tourists as the ones, which are near the coast, for example near Alanya. So we drove about 150 km from Belek to the cave. When we arrived, the man at the counter was a bit confused, because we unfortunately had no turkish money with us. But in the end we could pay the entrance fee in EURO.

    There were only 4 other people visiting the cave, so we could have a look at all details very smoothly. It was very impressive to see the size and magnitude of the whole cave-system. We took a lot of pictures, but they can not really tell, how enormous the dimensions were. Inside the cave, there are of course many spotlights, to show the beauty of it. But there are also english and turkish spoken announcements from tape with guitar-music in the background. Unfortunately some idiots have scratched words and names in some parts of the rocks, but luckily these scratchings are not everywhere.

    After about 50 minutes we left the cave to see the daylight again. The nearby kiosk was closed, so we could not have a cay or a coffee, so we made short break in our car drinking our own beverages.

    We enjoyed this trip very much and we want to say thank you very much to the owner for establishing an Earth cache at this interesting location. And we also say thank you for the very quick log-permission.

    We can recommend to do this Earth-Cache!

    Greetings from Hamburg / Germany,
    barmbek (Andrea + Roland).

    P.S.: We got the FTF !!!

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    Roland in front of the cave with GPSrRoland in front of the cave with GPSr
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    Impressions from "Insuyu Cave in Burdur"_09Impressions from ´´Insuyu Cave in Burdur´´_09