Around The Inkpot

 Hike about 4 km along the Altausseersee (stage1 - cache).

von M.W.     Österreich > Steiermark > Liezen

N 47° 38.887' E 013° 47.879' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: normal
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Strecke: 4.0 km
 Versteckt am: 15. August 2009
 Gelistet seit: 16. August 2009
 Letzte Änderung: 14. August 2010
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Many authors have penned their acts in this amazing surroundings. For this reason and due to the fact of its dark colour, the lake of Altaussee was named an 'inkpot'.
This cache leads you along the southern side of the lake to some wonderful spots and is an addition to the cache Along the Inkpot

You can approach the starting point by foot or by ship (info). Despite cycling is forbidden in parts you will encounter lots of cyclists.

Visit now the following stages, take a seat and enjoy the view!
Transform at each stage the first letter of the first word (small plate at your back) (scheme a=1, b=2, .....z=26).

Stage 1:
N= 47º38.887
Take the identified value for „A“.

Stage 2:
N= 47º38.663
Take the identified value for „B“.

Stage 3:
N= 47º38.476
Take the identified value for „C“.

Stage 4:
N= 47º38.338
Take the identified value for „D“.

Stage 5:
N= 47º38.258
Take the identified value for „E“.

Stage 6:
N= 47º38.131
Take the identified value for „F“.

Stage 7:
N= 47º38.0(C*E - A*D + A*E))
E=013º46.(C*D*E - C*F - A*B + E)
Sorry, here you have to stay!
Look for information board nr.8 and use also the first letter of the first word.
Take the identified value for „G“.

N= 47º38.(A*G + B*E + C - E)
E=013º46.(A*E*G + A*D/3)

Look in front of a big treestump, direction Loser mountain.

Have fun!

ursprünglicher Inhalt / initial content:
1 TB
1 GC
ü-Ei / ü-egg
Pflasterbox / adhesive tape box
Minischloss / mini lock
Flaschenöffner / bottle opener
Schlüsselband / keyfob


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gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 11. März 2017 Vollmond5 hat den Geocache gefunden

Bei der Runde um den See war heute alles dabei. Die ersten Frühlingsblumen, sonnig warmes Wetter, Abschnitte mit Schnee, kühl im Schatten, dann wieder Gatsch, dazwischen grandiose Ausblicke. Ach ja, ein paar Buchstaben umgelegt, gerechnet und völlig problemlos gefunden. Diese Runde verdient das Prädikat "besonders empfehlenswert"!

Vielen Dank sagen


P.S.: Dose und Inhalt haben den Winter unbeschadet überstanden.

gefunden 04. August 2015, 20:14 Wolfman7000 hat den Geocache gefunden

Wurde von den Kids gefunden. Tftc!

gefunden Empfohlen 16. Juli 2015 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

After the Along the Inkpot cache
this cache suggested itself as continuation to bring us back to our
starting point without walking back the same way we came.
At the first bench we hesitated for a momen whether the first letter
of the first word is meant or whether the first letter of the first
name has to be taken, but later it became clear that the exact
interpretation is the correct one as we had guessed anyway.

Along the way we indeed met many cyclists who did not care about the
prohibition signs at all. Most of them had bathing clothes with them
and apparently were in search for a nice beach. I appreciated that
many sections of the route offered shade as it was very hot. It's
amazing how many benches can be found in this section of the walk
around the lake. At the penultimate intermediate stage we calculated
the coordinates for the last one and they made sense and indeed we
found there the information board number 8 which offered interesting
information apart from the variable G. The obtained coordinates for
the final looked reasonable too and now the suspense level was rising
as the last log was a DNF. At GZ we spotted an obvious candidate for
the hideout and I detected the cache quickly which was not well
camouflaged. I had to wait a bit until I could grab the cache and
again had to wait until I could rehide it again. The cache and its
contents are in good condition. The two trackables which were last
seen in 2012 should be removed from the inventory however. This cache
was much easier to find than the Along the Inkpot cache however this
comes at the price that the cache location is much more exposed and
one has to deal with muggles. It's amazing that the cache stayed there
all these years.

All in all it was a very nice round trip around a very nice lake.
Along we way we were offered beautiful views to the lake and the
surroundings mountains. It was the perfect chill out cache for today
after yesterday's exhausting hike up to the Plassen which brought me
to my limits (or rather the hike down).

Thank you for hiding this nice old school multi cache and for
maintaining it over so many years.
The Salzkammergut and Altausee in particular are very nice spots on

In: TB Travel Frog
Out: Yettiho noha / Yeti's foot

gefunden 16. Juli 2015 AnnaMoritz hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach Along bot sich dieser Multi an, den See fertig zu umrunden. Tolle Aussichts- und Badeplätze wechseln einander da ab und das Final punktgenau, passt. Nur die Radler verstehen die Tafeln nicht. TFTC

gefunden 28. September 2011 nightrider62 hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachdem sich der Nebel gehoben hatte, haben wir auch mit dem zweiten Multi am "INKPOT" kein Problem gehabt. Auch der Loser hat sich von seiner schönsten Seite gezeigt! Ein interessanter Cache in einer Super Gegend. Bei schönem Wetter viele Muggels!!