Three Highlights

 Three Highlights of Tilos.

von pavlos-tilos     Griechenland

N 36° 26.444' E 027° 21.917' (WGS84)

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Three highlights of the Dodecanese island of Tilos. Excavations dwarf elephants, and the monastery of St. John Kastros Panteleuimonas.


Dwarf Elephants

In the cave where Kastro Harkadio Mesaria on the road between the harbor and Megalo Chorio were made by the Greek scientist Prof. Nikolaos Symeonidis excavations discovered some decades ago, many bones of dwarf elephants. The pygmy elephants are descended from the great forest elephants Elephas antiquus, who lived during the Ice Age in the Mediterranean region. He had a shoulder height of 4.50 m. Genetically he is closer to the Indian than the African elephant. At a mammoth, there are no phylogenetic relationships. The bones have an age from 5000 to 7000 years.

Several years ago, was built in the area in front of the cave, an outdoor theater.


St. John Kastros

In the Middle Ages were built on the island 7 Kastros. The main castle is located above Megalo Chorio on the hill of Agios Stefanos, on the remains of the ancient city walls and the ancient cemetery can be found. Probably here stood a temple of Zeus and Athena, of which there are still traces, and an ancient gate, marble staircases and wall pieces, but most of the finds came into the Museum of Rhodes (ornaments and grave goods), a bronze water jug (hydria) from a the tombs, is now at the British Museum in London. Just below the castle hill was since antiquity, the village in order to bring the numerous pirate raids and the Turks quickly to safety. This was also highlighted as a reason to build the villages from the sea only to non-accessible parts of the islands. It would also, no one came to the idea of whitewashed houses with striking white!


Panteleimon Monastery

In an exceptionally lush, green valley, in an idyllic setting, is the jewel of the island of Tilos, the monastery of Saint Panteleimon. The paved road now leads about 10 km from Megalo Chorio from signs in the southwest direction. There, lonely, situated on a cliff almost impassable, reminiscent of the Dolomites area, waiting for the monastery and its trustee to visitors. For several decades, there are no more monks in the monastery.


The Task:

STAGE1     N 36° 26.444’   E 027° 21.917’

Station 1 is the theatre and the elephant cave. When was the cave discovered? You’ll find the hint in the area of the theatre. Not accessible to public

Write down the year.

(Solution a)


STAGE2     N 36° 27.294’   E 027° 20.779’

Parking in Megalo Chorio



STAGE3     N 36° 27.415’   E 027° 20.591’

Station 3 is the Castro of Megalo Chorio. The way up starts at the car park of Megalo Chorio. The distance is about 1 km, but it follows a steep upward path.  In the upper area the path is very bad und you should wear sturdy shoes. Bathing shoes aren’t suitable here.
castro Route to castro.

Search for a stone on the castro with inscriptions. You have got the same signs on your handy. Write down the numbers in the same order. The foto "picture1" is necessary for the solution..
(SolutionXXX = b)


STAGE4     N 36° 26.880   E 027° 18.266
Station 4 is the car park at the Monastery Panteleimonas. Look for a greek word at the entry of the monastery. It starts with a triangle. Take the last 3 letters of the 5 ones. You have got the same signs on your handy. Write down the numbers in the same order.
(Solution c)



STAGE5     Finale      N 36° 26.AAA’   E 027° 18.BBB’


AAA = a – (b + c) + 571


BBB = a – (b – c) - 1446


The finale is not in the monastery. The stations 1, 2 und 4 are reachable best by bike or moped or car, everything else by foot.



Verschlüsselter Hinweis  

white electrical outlet, 0,5 metre above the floor, in the wall.





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