UKE - Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

 An easy multi with ten stages plus final. Should be possible to do in about 2 hours.

von pescum     Deutschland > Bayern > Erlangen, Kreisfreie Stadt

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N 49° 36.129' E 011° 00.562' (WGS84)

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The idea for this cache was born once a day as an foreign car muggle asked me for the way to the university's hospital. In the capital of the Franconian Medical Valley things are slightly different. Therefore there is no way to the university's hospital, the city is the hospital. And now it's time to explore it.

4E6629CE-5F9A-11DF-BFCE-00163E490934.jpgSome advices in advance:
  • To mind conflicts with the clinic's security service, I strongly recommend not to do this cache at nighttime. Weekends are no problem at daytime.
  • All wanted places are accessible for visitors without problems. The answers to stage 5 and 7 aren't more than 10, the answer to stage 9 isn't more than 30 meters away from the entrance - not more! You needn't to enter examination rooms or even patients accomodations.
  • Cachers with contagious diseases do please stay at home and get well soon before you start doing this Multi.
  • Usually doormen and cleaning staff do know everything. But at this cache they will not be able to help you.
  • Dogs and mobile phones are forbidden in all clinics.
  • Multiplication and division before addition and subtraction.

Stage 1: N 49° 36.129  E 011° 00.562
Still everything right in your head? Here you can admire the achievements of occupational therapy in the psychiatric clinic. Look out for the micro, he contains the coordinates for Stage 2 and the value of A.

Stage 2: (Coordinates in Stage 1)
This clinic is guarded by a wooden reptile. How many teeth (= B) does it use to defend the entrance?

Stage 3: N 49° 36.0[(B-2)*A]  E 011° 00.(B-1)A(A-1)
After whicht time delivery men are here only permitted entrance after using the acoustic-electric signaling device? Be careful! Some delivery men are really in a hurry. And they're right.
XC:DX 'o clock

Stage 4: N 49° 35.(B+C)DA  E 011° 00.(A+1)[(B+C)*C]
6589B69E-5FA3-11DF-BFCE-00163E490934.jpg You're standing in front of the parent house of Erlangen's university hospital. How many years (= E) have passed until its completion?

Stage 5: N 49° 35.B(A+C-1)(B+C) E 011° 00.(A+C)(A*E-D-A*C)
Did you have epistaxis once before? Then you surely had to deal with the man wanted here. He was director of this clinic (The answer is not more than 10 meters away from the entrance).
A spot in the nose mucosa that's likely to bleed, is namend after him. Fill in his surname below and you get the latin name of this spot.
How many letters (= F) do appear twice in the second word of this term? The appended genitive-i belongs to the word.

Locus _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ i

Stage 6: N 49° 35.(B+C+D*E)(B+F)  E 011° 00.(A+F)(C*C)F
A subterranean clinic. To which norm did the concrete slabs in the sculpture contribute to?

Stage 7: N 49° 35.(B-F+H)(E:F)G  E 011° 00.B(E*F-G)
Last minute service. Which name is not suggested in the waiting room? (Find the answer is not more than 10 meters away from the entrance)

  • Ornella I = 5
  • Nasrin I = 8
  • Helmut I = 2
  • Leila I = 6
  • Yonnick I = 1
  • Elektra I = 9

Stage 8: N 49° 35.(G+F)(G+C)(A+I)  E 011° 00.(A+D+2*I)(E+C+I)
Since August 2008 the new surgical clinic is build here. It's planned to be completed in the year of 2016. At Stage 4 you already got to know, what has to be exspected from such projects. Predict the year in which the new building will actually be completed. Take the final digit (completion 2017 = 7, 2018 = 8, 2019 = 9 , 2020 = 0, 2021 = 1, ...) and

  • multiply by 3
  • add 3
  • multiply by 3 again
  • take the sum of the digits = J

You can get a preview of the new patient's accommodations here: N 49° 35.930  E 011° 00.657

Stage 9: N 49° 36.D[G*J+(H+C)*B]  E 011° 00.B(J+I)
This building is the newest one in the UKE family. Have a look for the practice of Dr. (PhD) E. Markert. In his cupboard there is a musical drug. How many dragée (= K) are - according to the label - in this vial? Do not ask the doorman! He will not know the doctor. The answer is not more than 30 meters away from the entrance. You need'nt enter any room!

Stage 10: N 49° 36.D(K+H*C) E 011° 00.G(E+J+B)
In this buildung the chief physician of the Erlanger Heil- und Pflegeanstalt (= Hupfla, approximately "Cure and Care Establishment" meaning mental home) once was living near to his patients. Typically for former psychiatric hospitals the Hupfla was built in an amply way. From here you can still follow the remains of the establishment's wall until you reach the brook Schwabach. There the historic north-wing can be found at the so called Schwabachanlage.
Because patients could not be cured at those times, physicians were looking for ways to calm them down. This succeeded among other things by giving them drugs, engaging them in handcraft and household, taking hot baths and wide runouts.
The Hupfla was the distric of middle franconia's mental home, later it was sharing the buildung with the university's hospital for neurology and psychiatry. Todays successor is the Klinikum am Europakanal, the university's psychiatric hospital can now be found in the Kopfklinik. During the National Socialism in line with the so called "euthanasia program" Action T4 patients were brought through other mental homes to killing establishments and murdered there. How many stumble-stones (= L) do remind here substitutionally for murdered patients?

Final: N 49° 36.(H+J+L-F)[K:(C*A)]  E 011° 00.(E*K-G*J+C)
Beware of muggles! Please hide the cache in a way that it's not visible.

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[Stage 1:] zntargvp
[Stage 5:] nsgre cnffvat gur qbbezna ghea yrsg
[Stage 9:] Ze. Znexreg vf gnxr fcrpvny sbgbf, ivny'f ynory pbagnvaf trezna jbeq sbe ivbyva, vg'f fgnaqvat frcrengryl
[Final:] fgnaqvat va sebag bs vg, lbh jba'g arrq n uvag



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first equipment


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gefunden 08. Mai 2016 Kathard hat den Geocache gefunden

Vielen Dank für die interessante Runde.

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 13. April 2016, 11:09 STM-Stivi hat den Geocache gefunden

STM-Stivi hat's gefunden


Bei einem Kontrolltermin in den Kopfkliniken haben wir zwischen 2 Untersuchungen viel Wartezeit gehabt. Somit gingen wir etwas spazieren. Auf dem Weg in die Stadt viel mir etwas verdächtiges auf. Hab mir dann gedacht dort könnte vielleicht ein Cache liegen. Auf dem Rückweg hab ich dann mal genauer nachgeschaut. Und prompt konnte ich das Final dieses Multis finden.



gefunden 04. Juni 2015 kinghanno42 hat den Geocache gefunden

gc nachlog

18:30 uhr, schoen und ruhig am final. heute zu zweit die super runde gemacht. alles heil - alles gut. dfdc

gefunden 19. Dezember 2011 toubiV hat den Geocache gefunden

An dem Multi bin ich schon seit einiger Zeit zugange: Anfang November begannen MelT, SaS01 und ich die Runde, mussten aber erst mal bei Stage 3 und Stage 4 die Segel streichen. Erst nach einer kurzen Nachfrage beim Owner gings weiter (Thx für die Bestätigung).
Nach und nach kurze Feierabend-Abstecher bis zur letzten Station lieferten dann die restlichen Hinweise für den Final.
Und heute wars dann soweit: Gemeinsam mit SaS01 konnte ich das Döschen im dunklen Winterwetter finden und loggen! Danke für die informative UKE - Runde!

Hinweis 19. November 2011 pescum hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Es kann weiter gehen. Alle Stationen kontrolliert und erreichbar. Ich muss die Situation vor Ort genau beobachten, wenn die Bagger dem Final zu Nahe kommen, muss er eventuell umziehen.