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99 Väter & Alpha Raki

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A few kilometers from Palaiochora the village  Azigores is located, above which the cave of the 99 fathers can be found.


The legend tells, that 100 hermits came to the South of Crete, over Cyprus and Asia minor, and settled down in a number of caves. Their leader, Saint John of Egypt, one day decided to leave behinf his brothers and move north to Akrotiri and live there as an hermit.

But before John left the group,  they swore an oath all together: When any of them would die, all of them should do so. After John actually died after being accidentally shot by a hunter, said hunter began to search for the other 99 fathers in Azigores to bring them the news. But all of them had already passed before, on a single day ...

Inside the cave to the right there is an altar with an icon depicting the 99 fathers. 


The way leads from the main road to an unpaved, winding one. Just follow the road signs. The roads are passable, even if it may not seem so, with any car given an adapted speed. A cross above the cave shows the general direction. The last part of the way must be walked. You should consider wearing sturdy shoes. After a bit of climbing you will reach a plateau. From here three steel leathers (from 1933!) lead down into the actual cave.

Be careful. Down there it can be quite slippery. An obviously it will be dark!

The cache is outside the cave on the plateau at the roots of the smaller of the two fig trees. Have a lot of fun! 


in: sleeping mask, ear plugs, a plastic spider, matches

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Karte Azogires (von Alpha Restaurant)
Karte Azogires (von Alpha Restaurant)


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gefunden 22. September 2010 bkdett hat den Geocache gefunden

The path going up to the cave is really bad and a 4wheeler would have been the better choice as my van. But nevertheless you will have a fantastic scenic view a nicly placed cache. Thanks for that. Regards from Germany

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scenic view1scenic view1
cave entrancecave entrance

gefunden Empfohlen 16. September 2010 schaffiv hat den Geocache gefunden

Super Cache und Super Gegend.Gefunden um 13:30

Lucky von der Taverne hat uns sogar eine Taschenlampe geliehen.Und seine Omelettes sind wirklich gut.

Danke Sagt SchaffiV

gefunden 05. August 2010 frogqueen hat den Geocache gefunden

Tongue out Am 24.7.2010 mit frogking gefunden.

Hat sich allein wegen des Ortes  Azogiresgelohnt.