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Supphellebreen / Flatbreen

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von Trollmond     Norwegen > Vestlandet > Sogn og Fjordane

N 61° 27.755' E 006° 49.245' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 25. Juni 2010
 Gelistet seit: 05. Juli 2010
 Letzte Änderung: 05. Juli 2010
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Supphellebreen / Flatbreen

At the bottom of the Supphelledalen valley near Fjærland, in front of the Flatbreen glacier, there is a small glacier called Supphellebreen. This glacier is at the lowest altitude of all the glaciers in Southern Norway – only 60 meters above sea level. The glacier is moving every day, as falling ice from the edge of the above Flatbreen (800 m higher) is continuously feeding the Supphellebreen.
A first parking place (20 NOK/day) can be found several hundred meters before the cache location (waypoint). This is a good starting point for a beautiful tour to the Flatbrehytta cabin which is only 300 m away from the glacier tongue (walk takes about 3 hours). The view from this cabin is breathtaking!

Creativision will maintain the cache, thank you for this!

Have fun with this cache,


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gefunden 03. Juni 2019, 17:15 Dr.Acula hat den Geocache gefunden


another holiday at Norway, visiting family, friends and geocaches. This was the first of our four day trip with several glaciers and other points of view. We started from Jevnaker, drove via Gol and found our base camp for the next three nights at Loen.

This was the first glacier of our tour. I was surprised that we were the only visitors, but it was nice to watch and photograph undisturbed. After enjoying the views we went to the cache. It was very easy to find. Regrettably the outer box is a little bit damaged. Just as we wanted to log the cache the next car arrived with some more visitors inclusing two children. We went away from ground zero to protect the cache. I think that worked well. After they had gotten out of view we managed to hide the box again.

Team: den Hasen & Dr.Acula

Found at 03.06.2019 / 05:15 pm

No trade

Many thanks for the cache to Trollmond.

Greetings from Germany,
OC #256
( Total #2995 )