Rock and Roll

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Rock'n'roll, there parted and separate itself the worlds. Schaukeln und Wälzen, so one can translate this. The existing originating movements with the dancing were felt in the 50-s as so indecent that there were regular civil movements in the USA, however, also in Europe against it. And some musicians "converted": thus Little Richard was persuaded of the fact that this music was plaid by the devil, and he turned to the study of the theology. Elvis Presley went voluntarily to the Army to be accepted socially again. And the death of Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran was understood by some one as "a sign". But in spite of all: with the forming of this music a new youth culture was created and colour bars were overcome. Names like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis play a decisive role here. And quite a lot of people have "cribbed" from the still active Chuck. Besides: Only carrying the skintight Jeans which had to dry to the "body form" after a bath in the tub in the body was connected for every fan of the music with pedagogic measures – apart from the cystitis.
Because my Travelbug "Rock Key" had only one very short life (LINK:), I have made „to honour of the rock'n'roll” now a small Cache. Unfortunately, this final cannot be placed on a stage – would be fine also to muggelig
The Cache lies at a place, where noise would not interfere (noise there is really experienced daily), where place would be enough for practicing for every kind of bands (one would have to use the available rooms only differently) , where one could carry out Open air events (place exists there in sufficient measure). However, in addition one needs imagination – and politicians do not have phantasy for usual.

1.) Who played the saxophone in the song „Jailhouse of rock“? - Use the number of the letters of the name! = A

2.) There is detergent advertisement already in the song "Satisfaction". With which medium is advertisement made there? - Use the sum of the letters in the alphabet! = B

3.) Which band is particular mentioned in the song „Rock and Roll “ from K.J.?? - Form the sum of all letters in the alphabet! = C

4.) A lot of rock'n'roll songs use as a musical basic a blues. How many tacts does classical blues have? - Take the number of the tacts! = D

5.) Who sang in 1954/55 "Rock around the clock"? - Determine the place of the last letter of the surname in the alphabet! = E

6.) Which band begins concerts with the sentence: „We are … … … … …. and we play rock'n'roll”? - Form the number of all letters! = F

7.) The Woodstocklegende J.J.? sang a song in which two German automobiles are mentioned. - Form the number of the letters of the younger firm. = G



N 51º (A – D)(square root of C ). (D – G)(A : D)(D – F)'
E 006º (E – 21)(square root of E ). (A – G)(F – 1)(D : 3)'

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Zntargvp jvgu n tbbq ivrj!



Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll


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gefunden 02. Juli 2014 Robbbot hat den Geocache gefunden

#~~Hier führte~~~~\
#~~und ein kleiner Schubs zum gewünschten Ergebnis Danke~#
#~~fürsAusarbeiten und ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#

gefunden 12. Januar 2014, 16:39 booki1203 hat den Geocache gefunden

Cache mit adlerauge schnell gefunden. Dfdc

gefunden 30. Oktober 2012 Knuddelratte hat den Geocache gefunden

Nun möchte ich auch bei OC noch meine gefunden Caches nachloggen!!



gefunden 07. April 2011 Linus.de hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 05. Oktober 2010 mibane hat den Geocache gefunden

Okay, von den sieben Fragen wusste ich aus der Lameng nur ganze zwei , aber die anderen waren dank des nahezu allwissenden Internets auch relativ schnell beantwortet. Vor Ort war mir eigentlich sofort klar, wo der Cache sein musste, wobei mich der Hint doch zunächst ziemlich verwirrt hat. Der Behälter selbst war ziemlich nass, aber das Innere war zum Glück trocken. Und bis auf einen Motorradfahrlehrermuggel und seinen Schüler waren hier auch kaum Muggel in Reichweite.

Vielen Dank für das Rätsel und den Cache,