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N 53° 34.843' E 006° 39.744' (WGS84)

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Exploring the Island by bike?
17 km drive through a beautiful landscape and discover some of the many-sided
facets of Borkum?
If you like that, then this is the right Multi Cache for you and your familiy.
Please allow at minimum two hours for the tour, if you decide to visit also some other
caches, make some breaks at the loveliest locations or visit some restaurants, it can
take a few extra hours.
The waypoints just provide you the route and they're chosen that way, that you can
find them easily without too much interruption of your biking activities, also you
shouldn't leave the paths anywhere. Also you can reach the final easily without
leaving the main path.
Your Task: Just cycle from stage to stage and notice the numbers you're asked for.
At Stage 16 just SUM all your found out numbers, and you'll
get the
final at the following location at
N 53° 35.(SUM-367)
E 006° 39.(SUM+156)

If you reach the Final
just add the results of stages 1/2/5/7/8/9/10 and 11 and I bet nothing can stop you then writing down your log.
We're really appreciated if you can take some pictures, thanks...

Many success on your hunt, have fun, Yours Sharky's.

Frontimange with kindly support of the team Leucht)*(turm *blink*blink*, many thanks!!

Put in here the numbers
Stage 1: N 53° 34.843 E 006° 39.744
Notice the masked number from the picture on the right.
You can visit the Northsea Aquarium near the "Wilhelmshöhe", which was a famous
restaurant in the 70's. Recently opened a new restaurant on there, called "Strand 5", join their food and the amazing cocktails at sunset. Nearby you'll find some banks for relaxing, so called the
"Retiree Toaster" ;-)

Stage 2: N 53° 34.689 E 006° 39.919
Count all lamps on the southwest side of the building (facing the sea) which looks like the sample below.
Nearby you'll find a restaurant with famous selfmade cakes and an incredible good food,
you'll love it.

Station 3:
N 53° 34.533 E 006° 40.773 
Notice the two digit number.
Now you entrance the small forest "Greune Stee", a very untypical landscape for a
nothsea island, isn't it? Maybe you notice a fishing trail in the forest. Just ignore it for the moment, you'll need special equipment. Don't climb!

Stage 4: N 53° 34.671 E 006° 41.730
Notice the last two route numbers as a two digit number.
Now you reach one of our favorite sections of the tour.

Stage 5: N 53° 34.626 E 006° 42.611
Find the two-digit number and subtract 11. When you reach the mainstreet after this waypoint drive back (left direction) to the city about 100m, cross the street and continue right to the dike.

Stage 6: N 53° 35.106 E 006° 42.925
Notice the entire number.
Follow the arrow - and find your way to the airport.

Stage 7: N 53° 35.847 E 006° 42.072
Notice the missing digit.
Now you're reaching the Borkum Airport. Your children can visit the cool playground or just stare at the airfield.

Stage 8: N 53° 36.144 E 006° 42.810
Notice both last digits as a two-digit number.
You're reaching now the eastern part of the island, which was seperated from the
western part in the early history of the island.

Stage 9: N 53° 36.199 E 006° 43.501
Also notice here the missing number.
Nearby you'll find again restaurants, doesn't matter what you choose. Just order "Dicke
Milch". This is one of the regional specials, you'll love it. Also your children can ride ponys if it's

Stage 10: N 53° 36.358 E 006° 43.243
Please notice the missing number.
On your way stay on the street and enjoy the beautiful dune-landscape, you can visit the related Earthcache GC16CMZ.
If you want to make a break, I can really recommend to visit
"Borkumer Sanddorn" GC3QMRT by following sign "FKK Strand" on your way to the next stage. Nearby the cache is a real nice cafe called "Dünenbudje", a must see on Borkum.

Stage 11: N 53° 36.021 E 006° 41.895
Look at this very vigilant and notice the missing two-digits.
Now you are entering the "Dune - Rollercoaster", have fun ;-)

Stage 12: N 53° 36.037 E 006° 40.978
Now it's going sophisticated, look for the last two digits on the object.

Stage 13: N 53° 35.685 E 006° 39.922
Now we accelerate at the end, notice the two digits and ignore the
comma between.
On your way to the next stage you can also visit the new Tradi "Kleines Kaap" 

Stage 14: N 53° 35.362 E 006° 39.860
A silent location with a memoriable tablet, just notice the number of
the tragic day.
On your way to the next stage we recommend to visit
the tradi "Käptn's Cache" GC3G5VX.

Stage 15: N 53 35.260 E 006 40.158
Now we're coming to a place with a very important meaning for the
early Borkum whaling history. How many years traveled Mr. Meyer into
the Arctica? Two digit number. Do not use the modern board near the fence. Watch out for the picture.
Memorial of the multi century whaling history of Borkum, also look at the fence which is
built of whale-bones.
After this task you can get ready for the last stage.

Stage 16: N 53° 35.010 E 006° 39.896
The Final is near, if also the island-train is near, keep attention and be
cautious! Otherwise just notice the two missing digits as your last
number in the sheet.
Now it's time for the cash check: Just SUM all the noticed numbers,
and go to the final at the coordinates

N 53° 35.(SUM-367)
E 006° 39.(SUM+156)

SUM >>>>>>

Code for the FINAL is the east coordinate with a leading "0". CODE >>>>>>       0 _ _ _ 

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