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Brv - Footbridge

 Footbridge - suspension bridge over Sava river in Medno.

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N 46° 07.388' E 014° 26.477' (WGS84)

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The bridge linking villages Medno and Vikrče was designed by engineer Stanko Dimnik and built in 1934. As usual for this type of suspension bridges, there are towers on each side of the river and securely anchored cables (steel wire ropes) suspended between towers for carrying weight of the bridge and traffic. Unusual for this region is the fact that bridge is covered! Wooden floor, railing and roof construcion is a sight for itself. Roof adds to the comfort of bridge users, but its main task is protection of the timbers from weathering and extending the life of the bridge. As design feature and additional protection against wetting the timbers from the side, a wooden roof is added on the outer side of railing. Bridge eased crossing of the Sava river for inhabitants of Vikrče and Medno and many tourists coming from Medno railway station to visit Šmarna gora. Until then all the river crossings were made by boat or small ferry. At first, until 1941, there was a toll to pay for crossing the bridge. A small toll shed was standing at the entrance to the bridge from Medno.

Bridge was renewed in 1980. It has been temporarily closed in 2002 due to the damage made by the strong winds that affected roofs of several houses, fruit trees and woods in the surroundings. In the summer 2009 it was closed for a short time again, after some hooligans pushed plastic garbage container onto the bridge and set it on fire. Luckily, no vital part of the wooden structure has been affected.

Geocache is hidden on the bridge. Access to the box is safe and simple, there is no need to move anything to reach it.
Many people use the bridge, so, please be careful while picking the box from the hideout and returning it back.

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  Neue Koordinaten:  N 46° 07.388' E 014° 26.477', verlegt um 104 Meter

gefunden 30. Dezember 2015, 01:18 ryukyupyx hat den Geocache gefunden

First opencaching in Slovenia also for me, albeit just a copy of GC listing.

gefunden 25. April 2015 AJLTfamily hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 03. Juni 2012 eslavko hat den Geocache gefunden

My first opencache treasure found. :) Very nice location. I wish there were more opencaching treasures in Slovenia.

  Ursprüngliche Koordinaten:  N 46° 07.349' E 014° 26.418'