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Punta Chiappa

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N 44° 19.403' E 009° 08.819' (WGS84)

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With our first cache we would like to take you to a wonderful place, which has become very dear to our heart, at the Cape of Portofino between sky and sea.
A nice walk on the footpath (predominantly steps) from San Rocco (di Camogli) to Punta Chiappa. Park your car at the chargeable parking lot before entering San Rocco at the waypoint „Parking“. Please do not go on as San Rocco is very small, narrow and an environmental zone. Proceed by foot from the parking lot (approx 15 min) to the small church square. Here you can go down the small alley in front of you (30 meters) to buy some focaccia for the hike. Otherwise, you just go around the church where the walk starts, which is marked with two red dots as a part of the trail to San Fruttuoso. Always follow the direction to Punta Chiappa (indicated duration 40 min). When you arrive at the medieval church of San Nicolò, you may choose to go straight on or to turn right . We suggest going one way and return the other way. For those who want to do a night hike it's best to go right at the church as this path is permanently lit. That way you come to Porto Pidocchio and after a staircase you finally arrive at Punta Chiappa. Enjoy the silence (except if you're here in August) and the wonderful view.
Once you arrive at Punta Chiappa children and dogs should be watched carefully since there's no fencing and in some places there are steep slopes to the sea.
cache: small Tupperware containing:
logbook + pencil
tag it's a dogs life
Sim Adapter
Duffy Duck
sticker sampdoria
Ring Espana-hand

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Punta Chiappa Spoiler 1
Punta Chiappa Spoiler 1
Punta Chiappa Spoiler 2
Punta Chiappa Spoiler 2
Punta Chiappa Sonnenuntergang tramonto
Punta Chiappa Sonnenuntergang tramonto


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gefunden 20. September 2017, 15:50 PekaJ hat den Geocache gefunden

PekaJ and LuZack are on Hiking Tour in Liguria. But why not hunting caches while at it?
Day 1: Parco delle mura, Genova
Day 2: Varigotti - Noli
Day 3: Parco del Portofino

PS: We will extend this log following our return home

gefunden 20. September 2017, 15:15 LuZack hat den Geocache gefunden

On their way from Camogli to San Fruttuoso PekaJ and LuZack come across Punta Chiappa. After exploring it thoroughly, they succeed at finding the right location. LuZack is happy to recall the little bit of climbing experience she has so that the nice cache can be logged successfully. Tftc!

gefunden 11. Mai 2012 saba109 hat den Geocache gefunden

Eine wunderschöne Wanderung, bei der ich meinen ersten Cache finden durfte.