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N 48° 47.811' E 015° 40.652' (WGS84)

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Geras is a municipality with about 1.400 inhabitants und is situated in the northern part of „Waldviertel“ which means „wood quarter“, and is about 22km north of the city of Horn. The area of this city is about 68 squarekm. About 35% of the area is wood.

The monastery “Stift Geras” was founded 1153 by Ekbert and Ulrich von Pernegg. Situated in the center of lower Austria the monastery and the municipality have had a very changeable history.

More information: www.geras.at, www.stiftgeras.at

The cache is a little walk through the city with some intersting points. It is very recommended to visit also the nature park.

You can park your cachemobile here:

N: 48° 47.909
O: 15° 40.332


N0= 48° 47.811

E0 = 15° 40.652

Stage 1:

In this building I have learnt my basic knowledge of reading, writing, mathematics. Which date do you see on this building? Add the numbers = A

N1 = N0 + 2*A
E1 = E0 -11*A - 9

Stage 2:

In this building the main decicions of this city will be made. The street number of this building = B

N2 = N1 + B - 11
E2 = E1 - 3*B

Stage 3:

This work of art describes different things. Referring to the city of Geras it shows an area of conflict between the earthy population and the strong prominent presence of the spiritual tradition. When was this work of art set up ? Add the numbers = D

N3 = N2 + C + 6
E3 = E2 - C +7

Stage 4:

Which date can you see on this column ? Add the numbers = D

N4 = N3 + 5*D + 6
E4 = E3 + 3*D

You can go to stage 5 through the door left or right of the big door, go straight to the fountain ( which is covered during winter time ), then half right following the sign „Durchgang Stift“.

Stage 5:

Here they sell a very famous product of this region . Look around and you will see the places where this product is “produced”. What do they sell here ? Change the word (plural ) with A=1, B=2, etc and add the numbers = E

N5 = N4 + E + E/2 + 7
E 5 = E 4 + E/5 + 2

Stage 6:

This building was a kind of silo for grain in the old days and has been rebuilt to a hotel. When was this building built ? Add the numbers = F

The Cache:

N = N5 + 2*F + E + 10*D + C - 11*B + 2*A + 1
E = E5 + F + E + C + B + 6

After you have found the cache you can follow this path and you can make a nice roundwalk back to the center of Geras.

Happy caching

original content of the box:

1 rubber ball
1 USB-PS2 Adapter
1 glas ball
1 jumping bear
1 colored stone
1 key ring
1 beer bottle opener
1 Stashnote

please do not remove:

1 logbook
1 sharpener
1 pencil


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