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Soca Highlights No.3 - (Rest in) Peace

 Easy small Cache, almost a drive-in. Third in series.

von vane_si     Slowenien

N 46° 20.592' E 013° 39.974' (WGS84)

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Beschreibung    English

This cemetery is one of many WWI memorials along the Isonzo front.

[image 1]
It is set in the peaceful surroundings between village and steep mountain slope.
Soca valley has not been so green in the time of WWI. That is clearly visible at old photos.


[images 2, 3]
In the time of war 304 Austro-Hungarian soldiers, 8 Russian prisoners and unknown number of Italian soldiers found their resting place here. Majority of them have died from June 1915 to October 1917 on the Javorscek-Krn part of Isonzo front. After the war remains of Italian soldiers have been exhumed and transported to other cemeteries, but many Austro-Hungarians previously buried from mountain pasture Duplje to Golobar have been transferred here.
The total number of inhumed in Soca military cemetery, as far as today's data, is 1406 known and 59 unknown soldiers. For another 44 soldiers it is not certain whether they have also been buried here or at some other place.
Cemetery is built in four terases and has a large rocks-set-cross at the grassy slope behind graves. A cannon shell is set at the rock above cross as a simple monument and memorial to the war victims.

CACHE BOX volume is only 0,2 litres, just for small items!

References: Od Krna do Rombona, Lovro Galic and Darja Pirih, Ustanova Fundacija Poti Miru, Kobarid, 2007;
Information from Soca village comunity website administrator;
Photo: vane_si, information board;

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Auf der heutigen Runde gefunden. TFTC

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Heute auf unserer Soca Cachingtour gut gefunden. TFTC

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Found the box quick on our way to the Boca Waterfall.
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suggestive place!
in: coin + GC "Geocaching – 10 Years Geocoin"
out: painted stone
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