Silvretta Ski Magic

 A winter navigation challenge

von sandvika     Österreich

N 46° 58.951' E 010° 20.628' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 15. Februar 2008
 Gelistet seit: 12. März 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 16. März 2014
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCBF44

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The cache is NOT at the above coordinates. The round trip distance of 48km and elevation gain of 11600 metres are the worst case we can imagine, if you don't plan this hunt.

View from the border. Such amazing views await you when you seek this cache!

Penguin and Sharky from team Sandvika at the start point

The posted coordinates are roughly on the summit of Flimspitz, 2928m, which lies in the Alps on the international border between Austria and Switzerland. The search for this cache will take you into both countries, but you won't need your passport because there are no border checkpoints here. However, suitable equipment is recommended. We placed the cache on 15th February and you should bear this in mind.

Your start point for this cache is a border marker post that is about 400 metres on a bearing of about 225° from the summit. It is a steel post with the Austrian and Swiss flags at the top. When you find it, mark a waypoint for it and use the details for the calculations that follow.

From the start point, you need to visit three waypoints, one in Switzerland and two in Austria. These are anchors in the form of steel girders standing several metres tall. When you find them, mark a waypoint for each and use the details for the calculations that follow.

In order of increasing difficulty the three waypoints are:
BLUE: about 1200 metres on a bearing of about 100°
RED: about 1900 metres on a bearing of about 340°
BLACK: about 3700 metres on a bearing of about 225°

We recommend that you visit the waypoints in this order. The approximations are good enough for you to find these sizeable structures easily, but not good enough for you to pay them virtual visits in Google Earth, though using this may help you with planning.


Take the decimal fractions of the minutes of the latitude and longitude for each of the four waypoints you have marked (eg. XXX and YYY in N 46° 58.XXX E 010° 20.YYY) and add all eight numbers together. Subtract 3 from the total. Round down to the nearest factor of 40 (ie. TRUNC(Total/40)*40 as an Excel style formula. The purpose of this is to eliminate cumulative errors in your measured coordinates +/- 20.) Then add 468.

The result is the distance in metres of the cache container from the start point.

For each of the waypoints BLUE, RED, BLACK, calculate the difference in altitude (in metres) of the waypoints you have marked from the start point. Add all three numbers together. Subtract 5 from the total. Divide by 40 and discard any remainder (ie. TRUNC(Total/40) as an Excel formula. The purpose of this is to eliminate cumulative errors in your measured altitudes +/- 20.) Then add 194.

The result is the bearing in degrees of the cache container from the start point.


To make your life a little easier, here is a worksheet for your calculations. Click on it to get the full size version!

We can provide you with PDF or Excel version on request and can also provide you with Google Earth JPEG screen shots to help you visualise the cache. Due to copyright, we cannot publish these.


Now you know the area where the cache is, you are looking for a camouflaged 35mm film container in a fairly predictable hiding place. Please bring your pencil!


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