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Rio Simon 2 Reloaded

 Cache hidden in a beautiful canyon near Roveredo. Extremly bad satellite reception, so print out the spoiler-pics.

von gebu     Italien > Friuli-Venezia Giulia > Udine

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 46° 24.071' E 013° 15.785' (WGS84)

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 Größe: normal
Status: archiviert
 Versteckt am: 24. Mai 2010
 Gelistet seit: 12. April 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 19. November 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCC237
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This is a new hiding place for speedstars former cache.

From the SS52 follow the signs to Roveredo. After a short drive you'll reach the broad scree-bed of Rio Simon. Park your car here.
Now follow the stream upwards until you reach a nice bathing pool. The cache is hidden after this pool on the western side of the creek, a few meters above the water.

Take your time to find the best approach to the cache-location, some boulder-hopping and a few creek-crossings are usually required to reach the box.

In summer this is a great bathing-spot. Or you could follow the creek upwards for another nice and deep pool just above the last waterfall.

If you believe vou have better coordinates, please post them with your log.


Spoiler far
Spoiler far
Spoiler near
Spoiler near
The bathing pool
The bathing pool
The valley
The valley


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gefunden 01. Juni 2010 faina09 hat den Geocache gefunden

great idea Rio Simon 2 "reloaded"!! This morning sill was no logs, so my illusion was to be the first
But the Rio is always worth a visit, but the coords seems to point *over* the waterfall ?!!
ok, the reception is bad, but is not "nearly" a drive in.
After the way up, we come back slowly seeking every rock, and finally we found! the cache about 160 m downriver .
In:TB GeoPolizei Out:GC
TFTC!! Faina09 & §Grano