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Wadi Mujib

von SaarFuchs     Jordanien

N 31° 28.315' E 035° 46.882' (WGS84)

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Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is a gorge in Jordan which enters the Dead Sea at 410 meters below sea level. The Mujib Reserve of Wadi Mujib is the lowest nature reserve in the world, located in the mountainous landscape to the east of the Dead Sea, approximately 90 km south of Amman. The 220 square kilometers reserve was created in 1987 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and is regionally and internationally important, particularly for the bird life that the reserve supports. It extends to the Kerak and Madaba mountains to the north and south, reaching 900 meters above sea level in some places. This 1,300 meter variation in elevation, combined with the valley's year round water flow from seven tributaries, means that Wadi Mujib enjoys a magnificent biodiversity that is still being explored and documented today. Over 300 species of plants, 10 species of carnivores and numerous species of permanent and migratory birds have been recorded until this date. Some of the remote mountain and valley areas are difficult to reach, and thus offer safe havens for rare species of cats, goats and other mountain animals.

Geography of Mujib

During the last Ice Age the water level of the Dead Sea reached 180 m below sea level, about 230 m higher than it is today. It flooded the lower areas of the canyons along its banks, which became bays and begun to accumulate sediments. As the climatic conditions changed, about 20,000 years ago, the water level of the lake dropped, leaving the re-emergent canyons blocked with lake marl. Most canyons managed to cut through their plugged outlets and to resume their lower courses. However, Wadi Mujib, the biblical Arnon River, abandoned its former outlet by breaking through a cleft in the sandstone. This narrow cleft became the bottleneck of an enormously large drainage basin with a huge discharge. During the years the cleft was scoured deeper and the gorge of Wadi Mujib was formed.

The Mujib reserve consists of mountainous, rocky, and sparsely vegetated desert (up to 800 m), with cliffs, gorges and deep wadis cutting through plateaus. Perennial, spring-fed streams flow down the wadis to the shores of the Dead Sea which lies 400 m below sea-level.

The slopes of the mountaineous land are very sparsely vegetated, with a steppe-type vegetation on plateaus. Groundwater seepage does occur in places along the Dead Sea shore, for example at the hot springs of Zara, which support a luxuriant thicket of Acacia, Tamarix, Phoenix and Nerium, and a small marsh. The less severe slopes of the reserve are used by pastoralists for the grazing of sheep and goats.

The hot springs of Hammamat Ma'in lie close to the borders of the reserve are heavily used for tourism/recreation.

The Jordanian military have a temporary camp in the south of the reserve.

A large dam was recently finished at the bottom of the wadi, where the modern road crosses the river. As a result, a large lake has formed. Today, Wadi Mujib is fed by seven tributaries.

Your Task

  1. At the reference coordinates, you will find a public parking area. Just go the steps down and take a picture from you which shows you and this stone wall with the gorge in the background.
  2. Now, you are nearly finished - You will have to answer the following question: When you take a look from the reference point on the profile of the gorge from bottom to up, then you can notice some parts, where that the walls a nearly vertical and other parts, wehere the walls are sloped. How many parts can you see, where the wall is nearly vertical? Please send me an email with you answer!
Please wait with your log until you get an answer from me with the confirmation of the correctness of your answers. After this reply, you may log this earthcache if you put the picture to your log...

I hope you have enjoyed this fabulous place as I do!


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gefunden 23. Februar 2020, 12:45 Bierfilz hat den Geocache gefunden

On my Tour of Jordan I could also enjoy the magnificent view into the Wadi Mujib.

I sent the hopefully satisfactory answer to the question about the earth cache to the owner Saarfuchs.

Thanks for the earth cache!
Bierfilz from Nuremberg

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gefunden 27. Mai 2015 Pater Noster hat den Geocache gefunden

Ein phantastischer Blick. Vielen Dank für die Anlage des Earthcaches und die Logerlaubnis. Dabei waren auch noch Kaktus-2, Micha1984, Kleeblattchris und Isfjell.

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