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Hylliger Born und 4 Quellen

 A nice Earthcache in the spa Bad Pyrmont.

von biboleck30     Deutschland > Niedersachsen > Hameln-Pyrmont

N 51° 59.170' E 009° 15.284' (WGS84)

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Beschreibung    Deutsch  ·  English

You are right now in the city center of Bad Pyrmont, a well-known spa close to the border of Northrhine Westfalia. The spa "Bad" reminds us of the excellent water, which comes directly to the top of the earth. A special fact is that we do have 17 sources of water of different tastes and ingredients. You can find out whether if the water taste good or not in the Wandelhalle. This hall is next to the Hylliger Born.

RIght now we want to get to know several facts about history and geological importance of this place.

ATTENTION: If you add all the numbers you get directly without any blanks into the password box below the logging page, you will be sucessful.

1. Take a photo of you with the Hylliger Born in the background of you. Make sure that your GPS device is with you on that photo. Please send the answers to biboleck30@googlemail.com and upload the photo to the geocaching plattform of your choice.

2. You will find the information you need on a display next to one of the spas. This information  chart consists of three parts. You will have to find the convenient one.

How much is the "Gesamtlösungsinhalt" of the spa "Säuerling" (A=?) and how much of "Kohlenstoffdioxid" is included (B=?).

3. When did the Roman and Germanic people lay down their offerings into the spa next to you? (C=lower number, D=bigger number)

4. When was the spa "Augenbrunnen" discovered? (E=year?)

5. Which shape is highlighted in blue can  at the information chart "Geomantische Kunstwerke"? (F=circle (1), F=square (2), F=cross (3), F=rectangle (4)).


According to the German edition of Wikipedia and its article about Bad Pyrmont (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Pyrmont), there is a very long tradition in Bad Pyrmont to connect water and spa guests.

If you are interested in the story, you can read as well in the English edition of Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Pyrmont).



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