Micro im Müll / micro in garbage

 micro in garbage

von chrysophylax     Deutschland > Hessen > Lahn-Dill-Kreis

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 50° 34.283' E 008° 31.996' (WGS84)

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 Größe: normal
Status: archiviert
 Zeitaufwand: 1:00 h   Strecke: 2.0 km
 Versteckt am: 20. Mai 2010
 Gelistet seit: 23. August 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 16. Mai 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCD01E
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[GB] Attention ! This is a therapeutic "cope with your trauma"-cache, if you think caching is a serious sport and nothing to make fun about then please leave this listing at once !

Note1: If you decrypt the "Additional Hints" without being in urgent need you only ruin the punch line for yourself. Note2: Please be so kind and look at the two spoiler pictures before you start your search at the final - it´s just for your own safety and to keep the area as nice at looks now.

Some time ago i was riding my bike to visit my cat in its shop in Buseck and had the idea to catch some caches along that bike route. I was happy as a child when i discovered a mystery along that route that even I was able to solve. geochecker acknowledged the coordinates, but when i came to that place i was really shocked. If you ever fall about that box: Its name is a number and lies in a small town of the forget-as-fast-as-you-can-type near Gießen. The coordinates showed me some thorny bushes at a parking area near the entrance sign of that town. The listing told me to look for a micro. I poked about a quarter of an hour in those thorny bushes, found lots of really disgusting civilization garbage, than gave up frustrated. I still have no idea why the owner wanted to show me that ugly place. When i came home i started GCVote and voted 1 Point for the first time in my life - if i would be able to vote zero points, i would have done it. Only the legendary used condom was missing and i would have logged "SBA".

Now and then i visited the listing again and saw, that several of the people searching there after i had been there shared the same experience with me. Only when the owner went there with some of his aquaintances these found the cache while beeing observed by the owner - nevertheless nothing changed.

Even weeks after this happening my subconcious mind still was busy with the question what on earth makes owners believe they should show such awful illegal rubbish dumps to fellow geocachers. Everyone of us fell at some time about such an ugly place: Preforms in pee-corners, Film-boxes in f*cking areas, micros in garbage dumps (sorry, the alliteration "Müllkippe" only works with the german language). Do the owners think the searchers are happy poking in garbage ? Can´t be. So it can only be the fun the owner feels when he is imagining the face of people searching in stinking rubbish.

But i could not imagine that either - so i got the idea of trying myself what it feels like to own such a cache. Second i want to show people that even if you have as a given motto for the cache "micro in garbage" it is possible to show up with something to what at least one or the other cacher says "yes, that indeed was fun" afterwards. Be welcome - YOU are my guinea pig for testing this. Feel free to report afterwards how you felt.

So here it is - my own cache with the motto "micro in garbage" (i mentioned above the alliteration with "micro" is only working with the german language). groundspeak wishes as many as possible of the following three properties to be fulfilled by a cache: a nice story around it, stages that the searchers enjoy or that at least surprise them, and a nice place to show to the searchers. You have to find out for yourself if you like this story around the cache - i don´t presume to estimate its value. But what i can say is that it took me a really long time to find a really nice place to show to geocachers and which also had a really ugly illegal rubbish dump in its vicinity to fulfill the cache motto. But then i had an idea that was matching all criteria.

Go by car or public transport to the parking coordinates shown in the listing. After that follow the road by foot in direction of Stage 1. Luckily there is an official street from the parking area in the right direction that will bring you (by the use of a tunnel) onto the right side of the main street where Stage 1 is located. Directly after that tunnel follow the steps up on the right side of the street - and here you are inmidst a really lovely illegal rubbish dump (photo shown in the german text - this listing is long enough).

You can see everything that is needed for a really ugly place: Rotting kitchen furniture, plastic bottles, lots of garbage coming down the slope from the main street, thorny bushes, midges, and the sound of one of the most busy streets in the area. Absolutely great - perfectly fulfilling the motto of the cache.

DO NOT DARE to remove any of this rubbish - this is some kind of artwork, and if you take away only a small piece you´re an ignorant heathen like the cleaning woman that cleaned away one of Beuys fat artworks. When you enjoyed the view long decipher the following hint:


to find Stage 1 which is in close vicinity. You are guessing right - the only container that suits this location is a bottle preform. But it is "hidden" a bit - but you will see this at once when you are at the right place.

If you are at the exact coordinates of stage 1 and don´t see at once what is meant - then the artwork has been muggled. Please do not start to search extensively - it is of no use. You can open the container the same way as 99,9% of other short multis in germany that have been placed without love - just screw it open. You will find a small sheet of paper with the final coordinates in it. It could have come worse - but luckily i don´t get any fun out of making people calculate the letter-sum of {imagineaverylongandfamousgermanwordhere}.

Please do not directly follow the heading of your GPS - first go back some steps and follow the "official path" along the "virtual railway". Now you have coped with the "ugly part" of this cache and can enjoy the really nice rest of it. You will be passing a nice lost place i call "Golden Gate #2", which i wanted to include into a cache route since the day i found "Golden Gate #1" (GC1QEKW). Now that day has come. The rules of groundspeak do not allow to place a container directly at this place so you have follow on some more meters. It is recommended to leave the "virtual railway" shortly after Golden Gate #2 and follow the slope upwards to walk further on the "ridge" of the small "mountain" on the left side. It is much easier to find the cache container approaching from "upper side" instead of approaching from the "lower side". Here is the place that set the values for terrain and the attributes - a good opportunity to make your clothes dirty... The spoiler pictures are supplied to be used so that the ridge does not later look as if a hord of wild boars digged through it...

I hope you had as much fun looking for the final container as i had writing this listing as a therapeutic "cope with your trauma"-action. At least now i know the fun for the owner is indeed imagining the look on the face of the geocacher finding stage 1.

Hint for nightly visitors: As some of your predecessors complained about difficulties finding the cache during daytime i just installed some little helpers to make it absolutely easy to find the cache during nighttime. You´ll find stage 1 event at night without any problems using the hint-graphic embedded in the listing. Shortly after Golden Gate #2 i installed a reflector trail which leads you direct to the final box. Cave: The T-rating will rise a bit if you only have one arm left for climbing and clinging because the other one holds your torch ;)


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N 50° 34.140'
E 008° 31.934'
Parkplatz und Haltestelle ÖPNV
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1.)"Zvpeb" unf frireny zrnavat gung lbh jvyy erpbtavmr ng bapr ng fgntr bar. 2.) Arne n obggyrarpx bs gur evqtr, 1-2z qbja gur fybcr, lbh jvyy qvfpbire n "cngu", va n perivpr.



Kilometerstein am Wegesrand
Kilometerstein am Wegesrand
Spoiler 1 zum Final
Spoiler 1 zum Final
Spoiler 2 zum Final
Spoiler 2 zum Final


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gefunden 17. Mai 2012 AR-Team hat den Geocache gefunden

Am 17.05.2012 gefunden und bei GC geloggt.

Nach der Anmeldung bei OC, diesen nun auch hier online geloggt.

Hinweis 16. Mai 2012 chrysophylax hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Archiviert - Ich hab das Final aus Versehen in einem Naturschutzgebiet abgelegt... Peinlich...


gefunden 16. Mai 2011 Team Lockentoni hat den Geocache gefunden

oh mannn den haben wir auch schon vor einer halben Ewigkeit gefunden...tolle Idee.....Danke für`s Legen

gefunden Empfohlen 06. Juli 2010 cisco66 hat den Geocache gefunden

Auch ich habe bei diesem Hobby so manche Schmuddelecke kennen gelernt, aber hier war ich am Final angenehm überrascht.

DFDC Cisco66

gefunden 13. Juni 2010 rembrandt95 hat den Geocache gefunden

Vielen Dank für den Cache