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  Take part in a small trip through Stäbelow. It is not supposed to last longer than 40 minutes. The way you have to walk

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N 54° 02.477' E 012° 01.364' (WGS84)

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Take part in a small trip through Stäbelow. It is not supposed to last longer than 40 minutes. The way you have to walk is approximately 1 kilometre.

The name Stäbelow derives from the Slavic and probably arose from stu- or stuble (fountain, tree trunk used as water reservoir) and steblo (grass or grass stalk), respectively.

This cache shall take you along a short journey through time.

Stäbelow was first mentioned in 1192 as Doberan monastic village.

Right next to the places to park (start coordinates) there is a monument with a list of names of the Stäbelow soldiers killed in World War I.

Now cross the street to get to station1 at N 54° 02.458 E 012° 01.311. Here you are in front of the (almost) oldest building of Stäbelow. On the premises there is a stone. The number written on it is abcd. The oldest building was erected around 1800. In 1975 the clay cottage which also belonged to the yard Pingel was moved into the open-air museum Klockenhagen.
There it can be visited even today.

Indeed, we are going to tell you where station 2 is, but on the way there we would like to inform you about things worth seeing here. Station 2 is at N 54° 02. (a+c)(d)(b-c) 012° 01. (a+c)(d-b-a)(a).

Let?s go further. At the bus station - by the way, the bus route between Satow via Stäbelow to Rostock was established for mailing and transport service in 1920 - we cross the street again and then we are on the old village street. This one and the peace oak situated on the left hand side are under a historical preservation order. Go down the village street in south-west direction. On the left hand side there is the village square. It is a place where solemnities such as summer fêtes or the lantern procession taking place annually are celebrated. Pass the village pond and turn into the way to school at the next crossroads in south-east direction. Now we should have arrived at station 2. When you look around you should notice a sign. The year again is efgh.

Station 3: N 54° 02. (c+e)(d-h+g)(b) E 12° 01. (b/c)(d-h)(h+c). A little bit further on - down the street - we are at station 3, the eponym of the street: The old school. Until 1987 lower graduate lessons were held here. Since 1999 there is both the community centre of Stäbelow and the local history parlour established in 2002. If the local history parlour is open we can advice you to have a look at the chronicle posted there. We must not forget: You should have a closer look at the gable end. The total number of the small window elements is ij.

You will find the final at N 54° 02.(j-c)(f-j-a)(g+j-h+e) E 12° 01.(b/(a+e))(j+f-b)(g+i).
The final leads you close to the church. It was built as a Gothic red-brick building on a basement consisting of granite at the beginning of the 14th century. The tower, smaller than the nave, was erected later. Its roof which in the vernacular is called ?mitre? is octagonal. In 1813 it was planned to demolish the church due to decrepitude. The demolition could be prevented thanks to the initiative of the persistent Stäbelow farmers. In 1900 the church was equipped with an organ which was replaced in 1915 and restored in 1992. The bell dates back to the year 1755. This time it has been the persistent sexton who prevented the bell being melted down in World War II. In 2006 the bell was repaired.
We hope that you liked the small trip through Stäbelow.

HSCA wishes you much fun while searching.

  PrefixLookupNameCoordinate FL FINAL Final (Final Location) ???    Note: Am Ziel. S1 STAGE1 Bauernhaus (Question to Answer) N 54° 02.458 E 012° 01.311    Note: Wie lautet das Jahr? S2 STAGE2 Biologie (Question to Answer) ???    Note: Seit wann gibt es uns? S3 STAGE3 Unterricht (Question to Answer) ???    Note: Anzahl der Scheiben?

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