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gefunden Empfohlen 16. Mai 2009 tomduck hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute morgen um halb 8 habe ich mein Raumschiff bei der Kirche in Königstetten geparkt. Zunächst ging es dann fast mit Warp-Geschwindigkeit voran, doch wie sich im Laufe der Odyssee herausstellte, waren die körpereigenen Brennstoffzellen nicht ganz geladen.
Bis zum Uranus habe ich etwa 40 Minuten gebraucht, bin dabei allerdings auch ganz schön ins Schwitzen gekommen. Dort dann einen Apfel gegessen und mit halber Warp-Geschwindigkeit weiter zum Neptun. Von dort dann Richtung St. Oana und zurück zum Raumschiff. Das kann ich im Nachhinein nicht empfehlen, von der Dopplerhütte habe ich keinen Weg durch den Wald gefunden (nur mit Riesenumweg). Daher der Straße entlang in den Ort zurück, von dort dann mit dem Auto zum Pluto und weiter.
Die Aufzeichungen von Juri waren von zahlreichen Außerirdischen bewacht (Asseln). Nach dem Entschlüsseln hat mich das GPS zunächst etwas zu weit geschickt, bis ich dann etwas müde und verschwitzt um 11:20 den wunderschönen 10. Planeten erreicht habe
Sehr schöne Wanderung, trotz der Verwendung des Autos kamen da noch genug Kilometer zusammen Interessant fand ich vor allem die massstäblich dargestellten Planeten. No trade. TFTC

gefunden 23. September 2007 JollyJoker hat den Geocache gefunden

Ein wunderschöner Herbsttag und ein, wie immer, perfekter GPearl Cache. Wir haben die Wanderung sehr genossen, haben aber dann beim Neptun den Weg zu unserem Spacecar genommen und sind die Strecke bis zum Pluto geflogen ähh gefahren.

Gagarin's Aufzeichnungen haben wir schnell entschlüsselt und den Cache Hideout haben wir auch gleich ausgemacht. Die Schwierigkeit bestand dort eher an der Muggle Frequenz. Ein Muggle (Tourist) wollte es genauer wissen und frage uns direkt was wir hier machen. Diesen haben wir gleich zum angehenden Geocacher bekehrt, leider warteten seine Bekannten sonst hätten wir ihn gleich zum Suchen der Cachedose eingesetzt. (oder gleich den ganzen Autobus)

Die Dose haben wir dann in einem mugglefreien Moment doch noch recht flott gefunden.

Danke für den wunderbaren Cache!

gefunden Empfohlen 23. September 2007 bagsj hat den Geocache gefunden

At the start we enjoyed a real foggy autumn atmosphere. Until Saturn it was a lonely walk, but then we met team Gilgamesch and went on together. Thnx to their gps-receiver in the end the box was found easily.

Many thnx for another very enjoyable GPearl-Cache!

OUT: coin
IN: soccer figure, TB, geocoin

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gefunden 01. Mai 2007 Mausbiber hat den Geocache gefunden

Auch uns ist die Oberflächentemperatur zum Verhängnis geworden. Dank tel. Joker doch noch die richtige (wir sind anschließend nochmals zum Start gefahren um uns zu überzeugen)Temperatur bekommen. Das heben dauerte aufgrund der hohen Muggeldichte etwas länger. Ein wirklich schöner Rundwanderweg!
In: GC-England, TB-Fire Car
Out: TB-Inkywell
LG die Mausbibers, Susanna & Heinz


gefunden 09. April 2006 hm1 hat den Geocache gefunden

Endlich gefunden !!!
Nach Ave haben meine Freundin, Andi151278 und ich beschlossen diesen nocheinmal anzugehen. Alle Stationen (allerdings die leichtere Radstrecke) noch einmal besucht und prompt den Fehler gefunden. Das Versteck war dann schnell gefunden, nur das Heben gestaltete sich auf Grund des regen Muggelaufkommens als schwierig.
Trade: ja, kann mich aber leider nicht mehr erinnern was.

PS: Der Cache hat den Winter gut überstanden.

gefunden 30. Oktober 2005 M.W. hat den Geocache gefunden

The fact that this classic hiking cache disappeares from our personal-nearest list makes us archive the printout almost wistfully.
Even though we used the shuttle to reach the nineth planet this was a long hike, but due to the splendid weather a very pleasant one.
To find the commando module was rather challenging without any sat reception, it was much easier to locate and retrieve the 10th planet at last.
All stages and the cache are in good condition.

In: writing pad
Out: UFO with alien

Thx for guiding us, we enjoyed the journey

gefunden 25. August 2004 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden, chiroptera

gefunden 09. Juli 2004 bevema hat den Geocache gefunden

Starting a few day ago at the sun, I came up to Uranus. Using the map present there, I chose another (closer) Neptun, so I had just 1.2 km to walk instead of 1.8. The bad result was no way back to the sun, so I used various paths and a vineyard to get back. Today I continued by searching a fitting route to reach Pluto with minized effort. This planet was really well hidden. On my way to the spaceship, I choose a risky approach, resulting in a mud-crusted right spacesuit-shoe. The instructions are well hidden, but in good condition. The starting ramp was found too, on my way there I saw a winged species sitting on the upper arm of a humanoid subject.

Martin from BeVeMa

In: Sun(flower)
Out: glass candy ball

gefunden 09. Mai 2004 peter61 hat den Geocache gefunden

Geobot "535B" found the 10. planet today. I had to fight with a lot of defenders and a bad tractor beam leading me to the final coordinates of the planet. But at last I succeded. I don't expected outer space that wet, it was raining most of the time.
A wonderful space odyssey, although i wasn't the first who discovered that mysterious planet.
Thanks to GPearl.


gefunden Empfohlen 16. April 2004 Gavriel hat den Geocache gefunden

After a long long journey I finally arrived in the solar system in order to search for this mythological 10th planet, as the High Commander has ordered.
Close to the inner planets navigation turned out to be very difficult due to a disturbed signal (solar flares?). I did a few orbits around Mars to listen for lifesigns of Beagle, but all I found was a Yorkie, so I headed for the outer planets. On my way I discovered that some of the local life-forms have already developped an interest into science: I discovered a primitive temperature-measuring-device in one of the interplanetary meadows (another curiosity here).
As suggested I returned from Neptun to the Sun in order to fetch the lancet. On the outskirts of this human settlement I had to stop for a while to investigate a very interesting topographical anomaly, lacking better information I'll call it "Marleitenbach-Gorge". The natives seem to be afraid of it (or of the things coming out of it), they placed a kind of trap in front of it.
As the Plutonians are known to be ferocious guys I carefully avoided to get near that place, instead I tried to manoeuvre the lancet as close to the command module as possible. I got as near as 940 meters, not too bad . There I found a very safe and comfortable parking orbit for the lancet. Once again I took my survival equipment and the oxygen flasks (our metabolism cannot survive this garlic infested atmosphere more than a few minutes without protection) and went on into something the scientists back home would call "complex terrain".
At the command module I congratulated myself for bringing along a torch. The cryptic hints were soon solved. On my way to the presumed location I started a strange airborne creature, large enough to carry a child . Luckily it was so scared that it fled into the trees.
Five minutes later I met a native family. It seems that they were trying to get rid of the older child because they had banned it on the other side of a brook. Luckily they ignored me and let me pass unharmed.
Strangely enough the signal was much better here than near the inner planets, so the scene of the crash was soon discovered at local time 19:10. But no trace of the pilot.
The hull of the planet has a little crack in the side, maybe this was the reason that some of the things I found there were moist. Another explanation could be condensation. An old lighter has rusted, the other (car-shaped) lighter is still working. An amazing piece of technology!
While I explored the planet another native (rather large) species passed by, obviously they are abundant here: They seem to consist of flesh, steel and rubber. I could not see any legs, only some strange round extremities. The most amazing fact about them is: They can talk! Maybe there is more than one intelligent life-form living here.
I also found some records of native history (I hope) there, I will bring them home for further investigation.
On my way back I made a dangerous and forbidden experiment: I ate the foreign food I found on that planet. Tasted "interesting". So far I can't detect any negative consequences. There was not enough of the stuff to start a long-term-study .
Out: PC-Game, Mars-Bar
In: little Ü-Ei-Naut (collected for investigation on the way through the solar system), Little Princess Dot (she insisted on staying here to learn more about the human beings)

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