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gefunden 31. Juli 2005 harrieklomp hat den Geocache gefunden

Vorig jaar deze al geprobeerd en niet goed gelezen en nu ging het wel goed. Mooie wandeling en snel gevonden.
Of heb over de TB heen gekeken of hij is er niet meer ???

Ni Nu.

Gr Harrie.

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To be fond ofTo be fond of

gefunden Empfohlen 26. September 2003 Lion & Aquaria hat den Geocache gefunden

I visited this Cache with the Captain, because he had to place a new Logbook. Without me the Captain would not have been able to find the Cache again ;-)

Very nice location and beautiful weather :-)))

gefunden 30. August 2003 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

Second Cook cache today. Again a nice walk along a river. When writnig the log another person arrived and we met Speerpunt [8D] whom we had seen before at the Rocks of Mr. C. We had some talks and returned to the parking together.
Another two entries into the log and a new one is needed!

Kerstin & Marco

gefunden 26. August 2003 Scaramanga hat den Geocache gefunden

Our No. 100, good quality caching served by our captain!

In: Ladybug
Out: Steamer clinger

Thanks for the cache!
Scaramanga & May

gefunden 26. August 2003 radioscout hat den Geocache gefunden

Searched for it together with May and Scaramanga.
Because of bad sat reception it took some minutes to find it. Great location.

In: WDR-Sticker
Out: Sticker

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