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  Neue Koordinaten:  N 50° 30.107' E 005° 58.150', verlegt um 24 Meter

gefunden 22. November 2009 fraggle hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute gegen 15:57 h nach langer Suche gefunden !

Wunderschöne Flußlandschaft ! Sticker in / Nothing out.


gefunden 09. August 2008 Freifrau von Stein hat den Geocache gefunden

Teil einer wunderschönen, bis zu fünf Stunden langen Wanderung. War sehr einfach zu finden, auch wenn der Empfang wirklich äußerst schwankend war. In: Pflaster Out: Donald

Das war unser (la Paloma und ich) 2.Cache! Und wir brennen für weitere...

gefunden 31. Oktober 2007 vampirhummel hat den Geocache gefunden

At first we thought that Captain Cook exaggerate a bit with "one of the most beautiful". However, once we actually were there, we were stunned by the beauty of the river and the valley. I guess that we ended up with making a picture of every since waterfall there and even after we found the Cache, we decided to continue walking uphill to get to the other Cache at the top of the gorge.

In: a small bear
Out: nothing

Thats for bringing up here!

The Vampirhummels

Postscriptum: both logbooks seemed to be full...

gefunden 25. August 2007 ufabra hat den Geocache gefunden

Started at La Passerelle du Centenaire we had a very nice walk along the Hoëgne. Near the cache we had to wait a little while until the Muggles were gone. Then we could find the cache quickly. TFTC. no trade.

Gruß und Kuss an Captain Cook [;)],

  Neue Koordinaten:  N 50° 30.120' E 005° 58.150', verlegt um 923 Meter

gefunden 29. April 2007 sp_do hat den Geocache gefunden

11.30h #600

What a beautiful valley! Thanks to Captain Cook for making it visible to the geocaching community!

in: -- / out: TB FC Utrecht

gefunden Empfohlen 24. September 2006 waschbaeren hat den Geocache gefunden

Found this cache during a nice trip along the small creek. Nice area, best for hiding caches! [:D]

In: TB
Out: /


  Koordinaten:  N 50° 30.488' E 005° 57.621'

gefunden 06. Januar 2006 pepenhund hat den Geocache gefunden

At very cold wheather (-2°C) we meet a beautiful little river and a very interesting trail.
We was very supprised to find a place like that in these area.
The endlocation was o.k. but the best was the way.


No Trade

P.S. We couldn´t find the TB TUGA inside the cache

gefunden 12. Mai 2005 inselkind hat den Geocache gefunden

I found the Cache on a sunny afternoon on my way to Aachen. I enjoyed the walk on the river.


Greetings from Trier

gefunden 07. November 2004 1_2_3_4_5 hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 23. Februar 2004 mrsandman hat den Geocache gefunden

Third (and last) cache on our weekend-trip through one corner of Belgium we stopped before crossing the river (okay, we are cowards...). Walking over the bridge we saw that it hadn't been any problem to cross by car.
We had a wonderful walk through the valley and when we went up, some people came down - must have been geocachers, because we saw in the logbook that the cache had been found some minutes ago.
Unbelievable: In the cache was a lighter we needed very much because we ran out of fire for our gas-stove. Thanks to the kind geocacher who dropped it in the cache!!! We dedicate the TB to him or her.

mrsandman (Nino, Jona and Robin)

gefunden 24. Juli 2003 Scaramanga hat den Geocache gefunden

After 'Singing Waters' one more from the Captain. We really did enjoy the walk in this beautiful valley!

In/Out: -

Scaramanga & May

gefunden 24. Juni 2003 radioscout hat den Geocache gefunden

Very nice walk in a beautiful forest. We took the long and steep but more beautiful way to the cache. Very well choosen cache location.

in : NVA flashlight (NOS) with fresh battery
out: puzzle

gefunden 16. März 2003 Sleidanus hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it easily. Of course it is possible to return to the parking lot on an other way when continuing the wild and pittoresque valley of the Hoegne creek upwards until you reach Hockay. We, that's are my wife and my two children (10 months and two years old) made this way while carrying the babies in their baby carriages. We returned on the forestal way some 100 meters north to the valley.
Don't misunderstand my log. I do not recommend walking the path upward the valley for baby carriages. Only try to do so if You are experied in walking with babies in wild contries and having carriages made for rough terrain. My babies really did enjoy our walk.

In: Candle post
Out: Sponge


gefunden Empfohlen 24. September 2002 Lion & Aquaria hat den Geocache gefunden

Our last Captain Cook cache for today! Now we have all. We hope there will be more caches by Captain Cook...

After a hard and cold walk we could find the cache easily! Nice surroundings and very impressing red water...

Out: Travelbug Cheechako (our first Travelbug :D!)
In: Blinky Bill's mini Koala we had taken at the MacGyver cache hunt

Lion & Aquaria

gefunden 25. August 2002 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

Another very idyllic place for a cache. We walked along the river for 900m, as we approached the site we noticed 2 persons walking left & right, up & down near the path. Coming closer we recognized it was rafter & Co who we already knew. So this was a nice surprise and we had some talks going back to the parking. We searched for the cache altogether and it was Blinky Bill (Marco) who discovered it first this time.
Traded nothing.

Kerstin & Marco (Germany)

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