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gefunden 01. November 2007 vampirhummel hat den Geocache gefunden

Today we took our first stroll to this interesting place. It was really interesting to see how the water vanishes and by the way, we also had some exercise for later on how to climb steep paths that are wet and muddy We enjoyed this one!


gefunden 02. August 2005, 08:05 harrieklomp hat den Geocache gefunden

Na een korte wandeling deze cache goed kunnen vinden.

Ni Nu.

Gr Harrie

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Singing WatersSinging Waters

gefunden 24. Juli 2003 radioscout hat den Geocache gefunden

A nice and very interesting cache location but no singing water could be heard.

in: Calender and Dolphin from the cache Bismarks Eagle
out: glue stick

gefunden 14. Juli 2003 Scaramanga hat den Geocache gefunden

Our first Captain Cook cache! Short, but very nice walk!

In: Marbles
Out: cigarette lighter

Scaramanga & May

gefunden 15. März 2003 Sleidanus hat den Geocache gefunden

A really nice place to hide a cache. I have been impressively surprised when a dozend of young people climbed out of an hole next to the cache. Never expected something like that.

In: Baby comforter
Out: Clip


gefunden 24. September 2002 Lion & Aquaria hat den Geocache gefunden

Our first Captain Cook cache for today...

Nice walk and easy to find! The water wasn't singing very loud today ;)

In / Out: nothing

Lion & Aquaria

gefunden 25. August 2002 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

The track to this location wasn't that nice - probably we approached from another direction. We left our car at a farm building (muddy part) and walked the last 400m. Discovered the cache quite quickly, the location itself is very interesting and nice one.

Took: floating box

Left: keyring US flag

Marco & Kerstin (Germany)

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