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gefunden 11. Juli 2017, 11:23 Hslombardot2 hat den Geocache gefunden

Celle-ci est la première open cache que je trouve. En effet, adepte du GC, je me suis dit que je devais profiter de mon passage en pays germanophone (ou presque) pour essayer OC.
Nous commençons par rechercher les indices. Puis nous allons faire la visite du château. Je la conseille vivement. Quelle merveille ! Quelle belle reconstruction ! Quelle belle visite ! Un incontournable de le région. Merci pour cette cache qui sera trouvée rapidement.

gefunden 26. März 2017, 17:12 seiduselbst hat den Geocache gefunden

Welch schöne Burg. Die Linde übersieht man gern. Die Koordinaten waren schnell ermittelt und die Dose flugs gefunden. DfdD

What a beautyful castle. The linden might be ignored. The final koordinates and the cache where good to find. TftC

gefunden 21. Juni 2011 Katzenohr hat den Geocache gefunden

The listing isn't very good for paperless caching on Oregon devices. By chance, I had this one on my smartphone to read all required questions for stage 1 and final formula.

The cache itself is now a micro, no infos about the others IMC caches. What a pity! icon_smile_sad.gif I did already another international co-workers cache and liked this style of cooperation.

Anyway, nice castle and a stop over, I wouldn't have done without this cache!

TFTC, Katzenohr

gefunden 19. Januar 2010 häipy hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice Place, easy to find. I know the Castle since Years, bot not Geocaching
HäipyPS: Ther was no Hint for the second Cache in the Box

gefunden 02. Januar 2009 LiRe hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir sind die Gastcacher R und L von HSCA und haben jetzt unseren eigenen Account.

gefunden 02. Januar 2009 HSCA hat den Geocache gefunden

We found here our first IMC. TFTC
[#HSCARL, C, 14:03, hike, 04]

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gefunden 25. Oktober 2008 mash71 hat den Geocache gefunden

All good things come in threes.
Ok ok, it's a lie ... it was only the third cache of Captain Cook this day. I've found four [;)]
But this one was the most impressing one: the castle is realy impressive and beside gecaching reenactment (beeing a monk in a mediaeval group of knights) is my favourite hobby. So the castle was the right place to discover for me. I regret that I hadn't the time to explore all of its sekrects [;)]
The cache was boldly hidden: lying in the view of every walker but so well hidden that they pass the box unseen. On the other hand every geocacher will find it immediately.

gefunden 18. Juli 2007 sp_do hat den Geocache gefunden

Beautiful castle and an easy cache. Both were worth the visit. Thanks to Captain Cook!

18.10h #832 NINO

gefunden 08. Dezember 2004 inselkind hat den Geocache gefunden

I found a "sad" cache here, because he was a little bit wet and there was no logbook in the cache. I tried to dry the cache a little bit and put a new logbook into the cache, but I think it should be controlled by the owner.

+ Logbook, pencil

Greetings from Trier

P.S. There ist no TB inside the cache

gefunden 18. September 2004 Lion & Aquaria hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice and easy cache on a great Luxemburg tour! What a pitty, but the castle was going to close some minutes later :-/

gefunden 05. September 2004 radioscout hat den Geocache gefunden

Very nice cache at a great location with a stunning view on a beautiful castle.

in: two top secret electronic devices
out: little showel

gefunden 21. Juni 2003 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

Third Cpt. Cook cache today. Well, made it in the wrong order - have been to the secondary cache first then to this one :-))
Crossing the street near the location someone said Hello - obviously another team. After solving the first task and finding the cache we returned to our car and met again members of the team met before and had some nice talks. So incidently we have met the Squirrel-Family :-)) Hope to meet you at the Daun meeting on July, 12th.
Very professional logbook inside the cache and a marvelous castle nearby.
In: koala keyring
Out: toy car

Kerstin & Marco

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