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gefunden 26. Mai 2017 protux hat den Geocache gefunden

The second of three days in Paris we spent in Disneyland. It was a fantastic day with many memories of childhood and a lot of fun as well as great weather! :)

Of course a real Geocaching person had looked up some tasks there too. This one was easy to find but difficult to read. However, we tried our best and we took a photo for sure :D thanks for showing this place!

Team baronBale bedankt sich fürs Legen und Pflegen dieses Caches. Dies war Fund # 1720.

Danke an safri und viel Erfolg weiterhin mit dem Cache.

Liebe Grüße Team baronBale.

gefunden 29. Dezember 2016 Hatamalex hat den Geocache gefunden

Originally logged on Geocaching.com on 5 Sept 2011 on our secondf visit to Disneyland Paris.  I've now been to the Orlando, Anaheim and Tokyo Disney parks and hope to get to Shanghai and Hong Kong soon

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The prince and princess with their kingThe prince and princess with their king

gefunden 31. Dezember 2015, 16:16 Kornas20 hat den Geocache gefunden

Das erste mal im Disneyland und schnell beim Schwert vorbeigeschaut  :)

Greetings Kornas20

gefunden 05. September 2015 Team Brummi hat den Geocache gefunden

Spending a day in Disneyland is always fun. Don´t know how often we were here. Right know is the chance to make some caches on the way.

For sure we know were to look and as every time we try our best to get the sword out of the stone. But, no chance.

Thanks for let this virtuell live on.

gefunden 02. Juni 2015 LiFux hat den Geocache gefunden

Was here to pull out the sword, but didn't succeed.

Thanks for the cache!

gefunden 20. März 2015, 11:00 Sumsumbine hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir haben ein Wochenendtripp nach Disney Land gemacht und dann mal schnell beim Schwert vorbei geschaut.

gefunden 31. Januar 2014 WindpumpBoy hat den Geocache gefunden

I love a virtual cache and had been looking forward to logging this one during our stay at Disneyland Paris I managed to find a nice quiet time with no small children around (it does happen even at Disneyland Paris  ) and had my attempt at usurping the Throne of England. Sadly it was not to be. Fortunately I did photo the inscription for use later in my e-mail to the CO. Tftc and a great trip to Disneyland Paris. 

(previously logged on geocaching.com on 31/1/14 and log added to opencaching.de 18/9/14)

gefunden 13. März 2013 clanfamily hat den Geocache gefunden

Logged on GC on 13.03.13! Thank your for Supporting OC Listing!

Our trip to Disneyland was great - but Snow becomes a Problem and all Coasters did't have WinterWheels to run... so we started geocaching to have more fun on our happy place!

Something very special... we carry some TB who like to be in Disneyland. But caused by this snow - we didn't found the TB Hotel at the parking area - we are so sorry to bring them back to germany.

Greets from Germany!

The ClanFamily.de

gefunden 08. Dezember 2012 Sonnenwinkler hat den Geocache gefunden

While I was visiting Disneyland Paris I tried to pull Excalibur out of the stone to be King of Britain ? I failed [:D].

But I was able to log this nice oldie [;)].

Thank you for the Virtual and greetings from the Siegerland to Bad Homburg [:)]!

Thorsten (1/3 Sonnenwinkler)

gefunden 16. Juli 2012 AlcheMister hat den Geocache gefunden

During our stay in Disney Land I have found some caches.
Due to my carelessness, I changed my phone, I forgotten to log. Sorry! Hope you still accept.

gefunden 11. Dezember 2011 bogobig hat den Geocache gefunden

TFTC! (Tales from the Crypt) ;-)

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With sonWith son

gefunden 11. Juli 2011 Ryo hat den Geocache gefunden

Yes the first thing I did, after entering the park, was getting to the location to make this virtual. Nice idea. As hard as I pulled the sword, it didn't come out. A welding torch was not near, so I decided to just answer the question, and not sending the sword to the owner ;)


gefunden 02. September 2010 mousefinder hat den Geocache gefunden

Hier noch nachgeloggt

Liebe Grüße wir fahren morgen wieder ins DLP


View Log

Photo Unsere Princess
Photo Er konnte das Schwert herausziehen

nicht gefunden 28. Mai 2010 Ace_at_cache hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

We spend quite a while searching it. Even a flashligth was used, but...
It was fun, anyhow - Thank you for the cache!

Nous passons un bon moment qu'il recherche. Même un lampe de poche a été utilisé, mais ...
C'était amusant, en tout cas - Merci pour la cache!

gefunden 28. Mai 2010 Ace_at_cache hat den Geocache gefunden

While the others where waiting in a queue I used the time for this cache. Thank you for this cache!

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GCF981 Le Roi ArthurGCF981 Le Roi Arthur

gefunden 07. März 2010 Maulis hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf Hochzeitsreise im Disneyland diese Photos gemacht,
waren beide aber zu schwach...

TFTC Die Maulis

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_(GCF981_)_Le Roi Arthur_05_(GCF981_)_Le Roi Arthur_05
_(GCF981_)_Le Roi Arthur_06_(GCF981_)_Le Roi Arthur_06

gefunden 10. Dezember 2009 loudculture hat den Geocache gefunden

Cache gehoben :-) Yuhuu!

gefunden 21. Oktober 2009 SPATEN hat den Geocache gefunden

Gruß an Mickey und Donald

gefunden 05. September 2009 Määnzer hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf unserer heutigen kleinen "Disney-Tour" schnell gefunden.
Danke für die Logfreigabe.

JB + AB + HB

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AB vor OrtAB vor Ort
Im SchlossIm Schloss

gefunden 20. August 2009 D4LAW hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it on our daytrip to Disneyland.

 J from D4LAW

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ExcaliburExcalibur (Spoiler)

gefunden 12. September 2007 CheekyChick hat den Geocache gefunden

That was not so easy as it sounds, because there are two swords in the park... but after a short look on both of them we chose the right one :-).

Cheeky from wildchicken.net GCG Rhön + Erwin 


gefunden 26. Mai 2007 Schmusebär & Indidde hat den Geocache gefunden

Unser zweiter Cache auf unserem Wochenend-Kurzurlaub. Auch wir haben fleißig daran gezogen, aber es wollte einfach nicht raus .

Danke für die schnelle Logfreigabe!

gefunden 18. Januar 2007 Aldokyl hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 18. April 2006 M & Ms hat den Geocache gefunden

We did this cache during a wonderful day in Disneyland.
Doing the cache was an easy task as the inscription is seen on the obvious pull-out-the-sword-picture [:D]


Michael & Martina

gefunden 16. April 2005 Lion & Aquaria hat den Geocache gefunden

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