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Hinweis 14. Dezember 2007 Lion & Aquaria hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Der Geocache ist offensichtlich nicht mehr vorhanden und wird demnächst archiviert.

Sollte der Geocache noch oder wieder vorhanden sein, bitte den Geocache wieder aktivieren und eine Bemerkung schreiben damit es alle Benutzer die sich für den Geocache interessieren mitbekommen. Diesen Logeintrag bitte danach löschen.

Falls noch Teile des Geocaches versteckt sind, wird der Owner gebeten diese zu entfernen.

gefunden 10. Dezember 2006 woodyjoe hat den Geocache gefunden

I found the hints in the two other caches in France some weeks ago. And I found the "high-tech tool". But I worked with it in a wrong way. I got coordinates in the middle of the rhine river close to the pedestian bridge in Kehl. Why not, I thought. But at this bridge nothing was to find except some waste.

Now today I decided to complete this cache and went again to the magic place. Fortunately I printed out the description again and so I got the information about the new location.

By the way this place is quite better to hide the "high-tech equipment" and guarded very well by a woodyghost (not a woodyjoe )

Today by the first trial I managed to use the tool correctly and the final was not very hard to find. When I reached the location I understood the hint .

Thans Nick for this beautiful idea and the nice location.

No trade

gefunden 03. Mai 2006 dh1vwr hat den Geocache gefunden

We made this cache a bit harder as it should had to be because our print was stretched and we not until recognized it after try to handling the tool.
Last but not least after some arithmetic exercises we found the cache!

Thanks for this great cache!

Sunny *dh1vwr* :o)

gefunden 03. Mai 2006 gagaa hat den Geocache gefunden

Whew. After an odyssey through France and the woods here (as we had no time to check the rectangle size this morning and had to recalculate) we could finally hold the box in our hands shortly after 9pm. Finally another interesting cache to erase from my todo list. [:)]

Thanks to sTeamTraen for the cache, gagaa

gefunden 18. September 2004 aline&gerd hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice place with many caches ... but only one with a logbook in it.

It could be a drive-in cache.

nick: we took the high tec decryption tool .... and we will analyse it

in: Bubbles
out: Pin

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