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gefunden 03. Oktober 2014 Lineflyer hat den Geocache gefunden

Although the description of this cache is quite short, we decided to take a look at this.
We have not been disappointed. A real nice canyon, a lot of clear water running down and even a waterfall on the way to the cache.
Thanks to the spoiler and escription the cache itself was easy to find. Left a TB and of course a favorite point for this cache.

Afterwards we continued upstream to the next cache.


Found and logged with c:geo for Android - www.cgeo.org

gefunden 08. Juni 2012 Rastreador hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallado: 081647JUN2012-Rastreador

Encontrado después de una estupenda ruta por todo el cauce del Río Higuerón, llegando hasta las cascadas. Una maravilla.

GPEC/SL No Intercambio.


gefunden 09. Dezember 2006 Los golfos de Berlin hat den Geocache gefunden

First, we looked for the entrance at the wrong side of the village.

But we finally found it.

no trade


gefunden 14. Mai 2004 JFSebastian hat den Geocache gefunden

This was my first cache in a foreign country. I motivated my Dad to go with me and I didn't expect it to be such a long walk so it was a little hard for his first cache but indeed he liked it very much (our dog walked with us too .. kinda stressy) ;-).

The area is great and i can recommend it very much (I visited Frigiliana before). We got some nice wet feet too but it helped to cool them down ;).

The cache was easy to find but the terrain would be 3 star imho.

Thanks for the great cache

C&W Schmitz

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Out: Whistle, Pen

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