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gefunden 03. November 2007 Meister Pez hat den Geocache gefunden

Log Nachtrag!!

Hab mich heute erst angemeldet (23.09.2010)


Lg Peter und Ingrid

gefunden 06. Mai 2007 pantani98 hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach dem Florianikirchgang noch schnell in die Schlucht.

gefunden 15. Oktober 2006 styrian bastards hat den Geocache gefunden

Nix gegen gebu's hochgeschätzte Versteckkünste - doch war der cache diesmal eher eine angenehme Begleiterscheinung zur Canyoningtour mit den M&M's [;)]

Speedstar hat ihn recht schnell ausfindig gemacht, was mir heute sowieso nie gelungen wäre (keine [8D]), dann wurde mit Interesse des Doktor's ebenfalls heutiger log beäugt, dem wir aber leider nicht begegneten.

gefunden Empfohlen 27. Juli 2006 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

On another hot day Alice and myself drove to Johnsbach to give this cache a try. After having read Dunja's log I was unsure whether I would be able to manage this cache as I had "only" Alice with me.

We parked our car at the train station in Johnsbach and went along the tracks. On our way to the cache we did not meet a train, but on our way back we had bad luck - a train passed us exactly when we were in the middle of the bridge. Fortunately those local trains are slow - an EC train would have been a big trouble for us. According to Alice the driver of the train looked angry at us and we speeded up our steps to reach the close-by train station without meeting any train staff which we fortunately managed to accomplish.

Now back to the cache. I on my own would probably not even have found a way into the canyon down from the train tracks, but Alice found a nice path. Again we had no GPS reception at all after a few meters into the gorge/canyon. So we went up the canyon until we came to a very narrow part. The two ladders were no problem for me in the upwards direction, the longer one was some sort of mental problem in downwards direction as I have difficulties in doing the first two or three steps when having no convenient way of holding myself somewhere.

Having arrived at the first real narrow part, Alice and myself believed that we need to continue as the cache description mentions that the cache is hidden *after* the last narrow part. Apparently last refers to the point of view of people coming down the canyon and not to the point of view of people who hike up to the cache as we and all previous finders did so far. Due to our wrong conjecture we put off our shoes, but after a first exploration Alice told me that I should put them on again as the following parts would be far too difficult for me. So I stayed at this place and was a bit disappointed. After a while Alice came back with a very big smile on her face and thumbs up - at first I believed that she had found the cache, but then it turned out that she had walked/climbed up the canyon until a big waterfall (most probably she has stopped at the same place than the Hoehlenbaeren). She was so happy and her eyes were glowing with joy about her adventure. She even managed to get hardly wet although getting wet would not have posed a problem as it was a very hot day.

After telling me about her aventure, Alice told me that we must have already passed the cache and so it was. We soon found the right area. Climbing up was not difficult for me, but climbing down again was a bit strenuous. The cache box is still in good condition - it was a bit wet outside, but not inside.

What a pity that this cache gets so few visitors. It is hidden at an exceptional place that even can be reached by people like me although I would not want for go for this cache without a companion. It was very helpful for me to get advice by Alice which route is preferrable and sufficiently easy to be managed by me.

Thanks for this cache in a magnificent area. I enjoyed the cache hunt although I was not able to share the specaial adventure Alice untertook - I will never be able to improve my performance to such a high level.

In the afternoon we visited the very interesting Kraus cave in Gams and a part of the geoline trail there (unfortunately there are no explanation signs there).

No trade

gefunden 22. Oktober 2005 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

Für mich ein wenig schwieriger als für die anderen, aber mit deren Hilfe (einer schiebt, der andere zieht [;)] auch kein Problem.
Sehr schöne Gegend, vor allem bei DEM Wetter, nur ein bisserl viel Güter-Verkehr... Dass Rehe keine Gemsen sind habe ich (leider) auch gelernt, die dürften nicht so trittsicher sein.
Danke, Dunja

gefunden 22. Oktober 2005 bevema hat den Geocache gefunden

Walked together with BS, namklaw and Dunja. A very nice gorge, and brilliant weather. After looking on the ortografic side for some time, we decided to grab the box from the other one ;). On our way back we met the he-/she-bear of the Hoehlenbaeren, and later on at the UAGM.

Thx from Martin, no trade

gefunden 22. Oktober 2005 namklaw hat den Geocache gefunden

Against the cumulated geocaching experiance - no chance for the box
Found it together with BalkanSabranje, bevema und Dunja. We were very impressed
by the exeptional hiding place - we enjoyed it.
Thank you gebu
In: 1 Plank-Kristall
Out: --
LG namklaw

gefunden Empfohlen 22. Oktober 2005 BalkanSabranje hat den Geocache gefunden

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