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gefunden 24. September 2006 JollyJoker hat den Geocache gefunden

Sehr schöner, wenn auch anstrengender Weg. Zum Glück hatten wir "On the top of vienna" auch mit und konnten den gleich miterledigen wenn wir schon in der Gegend sind. (Würde ich jedem empfehlen, die beiden zugleich zu machen)

Wir haben den bequemen Weg gewählt und sind nicht stur dem Pfeil nachgelaufen sondern haben einen Blick auf die Karte geworfen.

Cache ist trocken und in Ordnung, da ich gelesen habe, dass die Cachenote nicht mehr zu gebrauchen ist, habe ich eine neue mitgenommen und ausgetauscht. Ich hoffe das war im Sinne des Owners.

IN: Kartenspiel
OUT: -

Jolly Joker (Christian & Eveline)

gefunden 19. März 2006 theplank hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 04. Dezember 2005 earlgrey hat den Geocache gefunden


Gemeinsam mit Mogel gefunden, auch mein Garmin hat bei dem Anblick des quasi Hochalpinen in Wien den Dienst verweigert, war aber trotzdem lustig, der Nasenweg wird sicher der Hohenwandwiese einmal Konkurrenz machen (heute 10cm Schnee, durch viele Wanderer sozusagen präpariert ).

nachgeloggt 25.01.2006

gefunden 24. April 2005 bagsj hat den Geocache gefunden

Today it was a beautiful day to go for this cache. We choose a more or less direct approach from a higher level to reach the hideout. ;-)

Thnx for this nice walk!

OUT: Sunflower, PC-Calculator
IN: Water Game, Dancing Elephant

gefunden 06. April 2005 rizzi hat den Geocache gefunden

Finally I found it! Started almost one year ago, but the previous stage 3 was my nemesis; first I couldn't find it, then it was apparently gone... Now I'm in Vienna again and the former stage 3 is no more - so I just had to be successful :)

Turns out that I've passed the cache location after one of my unsuccessful attempts for the previous stage 3.

There are some weird features nearby the cache location (just follow the path downwards), and I wonder why nobody mentioned this before (they were already there last year).
The most dominant one is a kind of naturalistic/pagan altar (or grave??) with "offerings" on it (figurines, etc). The trees next to it are decorated with (mostly red) ribbons, which I also found on other trees along the path. Next to this altar there is a nice circular/spiral labyrinth (not a maze; it has exactly one path covering all of its area) and a fireplace which is apparently used in a regular way. Only some meters from the cache there is a walled-in area with a bench, which appears to be from the same constructor. First I took a path down too far to the west, and the used a transversal path (not very much used apparently) which leads exactly to this altar place, and is marked by bottles, tins and other objects...

in: computer calculator
out: TB blue car, angel

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KahlenbergerdorfKahlenbergerdorf (Spoiler)
DonauinselDonauinsel (Spoiler)
Altar, grave??Altar, grave?? (Spoiler)
LabyrinthLabyrinth (Spoiler)

gefunden 31. Dezember 2004 reini hat den Geocache gefunden

A nice cache with cleary identifyable stages.
To reach the cache I took a direct trackless approach (which are indeed only suitable for real masochists).
Thanks for this last cache in 2004.
out: TB Engeladus
in: Bear-reflector

gefunden 05. Dezember 2004 peter61 hat den Geocache gefunden

The weather was a little bit like watching an old "Edgar Wallace" movie. The fog was more ore less dense. We had a nice walk up the hill and around the stages. The cache was found without any problems. After that we went for a mulled wine and drove down to the city.
Thanks to gebu for this beautiful walk.


gefunden 01. Mai 2004 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

Log wg. Teamsplit von DuFloJoLiRa

gefunden 25. April 2004 bevema hat den Geocache gefunden

Still under the influence of the bad weather forecast, I met with Johannes and Lisa (two founding members of DuFloJoLiRa) to mount this mountain. The first two stages were easy to locate with GPS, just stage 3 sent us oszillating between a lot of promising trees. But the hint finally gave us the necessary clue. When looking for the cache, I overread the hint and looked in a stone-littered area for some similiar objects. The cache was dripping wet, the glass filled with a few teaspoons of water, so I left a diver in it to have some fun :).
Martin from BeVeMa
In: Diver
Out :???

gefunden 20. September 2003 Gavriel hat den Geocache gefunden

An einem sehr heissen Tag den schweisstreibenden Weg angetreten
thx, Gavriel

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