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Hinweis 10. April 2006 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Versteck hat sich in Luft aufgelöst, wird daher archiviert

gefunden 08. Februar 2005 Cocktailmixer hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 28. November 2004 peter61 hat den Geocache gefunden

Found this cache together with Mathilde. We had no problems, except a short discussion at stage 7 about the "runden Dinger" and a little typo with the coordinates at the final station. After checking them again we found the cache without any problems.
Thanks to gavriel for this pleasant walk.


gefunden 04. November 2004 oe1iks hat den Geocache gefunden

Very nice cache !
The GPS was unavailable today, so I had to make do with a 1:20000 map and a semi-broken calculator. But thanks to the creative, but very fitting descriptions that was not really a problem.
Re : ugly district and ugly hiding place : Not at all ! On the contrary, the cache takes you to some nice spots. (cool playground near stage one, for instance ...) The hiding place was NOT disgusting in any way (only maybe a bit muggly for my taste ... had to outwait a group of Japanese tourists and then a granny with two kids, who took their own sweet time ...)

The Ziploc bag is torn.
Pretty container

Out : Pig (mostly because I did not want to have to put it back in )
In : blue pin


gefunden 17. September 2004 bagsj hat den Geocache gefunden

Gestern bei einem spätabendlichen Spaziergang (bei gutem Wetter sehr zu empfehlen!) alle Stationen absolviert. Aber dann wollte ich meinem Rechenfehler nicht weiter auf den Grund gehen. Heute konnten wir den Cache problemlos finden.

OUT: Glöckchen am roten Band
IN: 2-Pence Münze

gefunden 12. September 2004 tweetykojote hat den Geocache gefunden

nur nachgeloggt


tftc tweetykojote

gefunden 01. September 2004 reini hat den Geocache gefunden

As I'm not able to join todays 1st Vienna GC meeting in the evening I did this cache in the morning (have been there at 7:40) for exchange. The cache leads to few interesting places in the 20th district which I've never seen before. Thanks to gavriel for this interesting tour. The only bad thing concerning this cache is the hiding place. The smell, a cocktail of different kinds of piss donated by furry animals and humans, when coming close to the object surrounding the cache is terrible. Furthermore the plastic bag covering the cache looks like rubbed in dog shit (are there extra diffculty stars given for using ugly coverings ) )

Nevertheless, thx to gavriel for this cache

gefunden 03. Juli 2004 theplank hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 29. Juni 2004 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

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