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gefunden 07. Oktober 2014, 16:35 Zandy13 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute mit GeoJonsi und meinen beiden Cachedogs Sammy & Elvis gesucht und gefunden. Cool

TFTC  Zandy13

gefunden 14. Juli 2009 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

Nachdem der Sommer heuer nicht so richtig kommen will hab ih einmal die Tür dazu aufgemacht.

Schöne Wanderung zu einen tollen Aussichtspunkt.



Hinweis 29. Oktober 2007 bevema hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Cache wurde wegen Muggle-Zerstörung verlegt.

Achtung, geänderte Cache Formel / Beschreibung / Spoiler!
V 1.1

 Die Jagd kann weitergehen Cool...
Cache has been relocated due to muggle devastation.

Attention, changed cache formula / description / spoiler!
V 1.1

The hunt can continue Cool...

gefunden 14. Oktober 2007 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

Sehr schöne Wanderung, am liebsten hätte ich gleich am nächsten Berg ein weiteres Doserl versteckt, aber wir hatten nur eines mit  ;)
Und es gibt sie: kurz vor dem Cache aufs GPS starrende Menschen, die KEINE Cacher sind und mit der Frage: "suchst du ein Doserl?" absolut nichts anfangen können ;)
danke, Chiroptera

gefunden 23. Oktober 2004 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

I thought that this cache would deserve at least a secobnd visitor before the winter break. Motivated by the unexpected gorgeous and warm weather (last year we had the first snow at October 25!) and the fact that the nearby Ingeringsee cache has been on my to-do list for quite a while, I decided to gor for this cache today.

It was untypically easy for me to find the right streets/roads to the cache - there was not much choice anyway at the later stages . I was not aware in advance of the fact that the last 3 kilometers (distance as the crow flies) to the suggested starting coordinates are to be drived on an unpaved road the condition of which is bad. I do not appreciate at all driving on such roads, neither does my car. When I arrived at the suggested parking cooordinates, surprisingly many cars were already there - fortunately I met, however, no car on my way up.

Stages 1 and 2 were no surprise to me as their location is regarded as I knew right from the beginning where I was supposed to go to. I arrived at Stage 1 surprisingly fast. I had a short break to take some photographs. The chapel is nice from the outside, the interior was somewhat disappointing to me - what people made of it does not correspond to my taste. I had no difficulties at all to determine the numbers A and B as there was not much choice for objects to be counted. I am not convinced, however, that Pulpit (and the German equivalent Kanzel) are the correct term for the object which BeVeMa refers to. The view was already splendid at Stage 1.

When I arrived at Stage 1, a young family with two girls was resting there. The mother was wishing to walk up to the summit of the Rosenkogel to enjoy the view, the two girls did not seem that enthusiastic about it, but finally they had to join their parents. The family started off before me, but I got ahead of them soon afterwards which surprised me as at least the parents made a very sportive impression and were talking about ski tours. When they arrived at the summit, I had already found the cache.

I was surprised how fast I arrived at Stage 2. The way to the cross did not appear steep to me in contrast to what the cache description is saying. The task at Stage 2 was even simpler than the one at Stage 1. I did not even need to use a piece of paper for the calculation. I had a short rest at the cross to enjoy the view which was breathtaking today! An endless chain of mountains - I have no idea how far the farthest were from my position. At the cross I met a young woman who had a rest there - she was also overwhelmed by the wonderful view today although she knows the area in contrast to me.

At first I was worried that I would not be able to search for the cache due to the presence of people not that far away, but then I found a way to approach the cache from below. Fortunately Ma of BeVeMa has chosen the position of the hideout such that it does not lie too close to the preferred resting places of hikers.

I found the cache instantly. No need to search. It was at the obvious place. The cache box and its contents are in perfect condition. I think that the cache will well survive the winter.

I was back at the car after considerably less than 2 hours despite the fact that I taken several breaks. The most strenous part for me was the drive down to the point where the paved road starts again. I am not at all experienced to drive such roads downhill and needed a lot of concentration.
I was very glad when I had reached again the paved part of the road.

Thanks for this very nice cache which is easy too reach, but yet offers very nice views when the weather is fine as it was today. With the help of a map the cache can also easily found without a GPS, even beginners should be able to succeed, not only experts like Dunja.

No trade.

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