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Hinweis 25. Oktober 2007 GeoFaex hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Cache von "BalkanSabranje" an "ime" übertragen.


gefunden 26. Juni 2005 namklaw hat den Geocache gefunden

Everytime it's the same story - we didn't scan the most obvious hiding-place
Only at the second run-up, with a hint from the owner, we found it - today!
After a trouble-free log, we celebreted our found in one of the nearby restaurants.
Thank you to BalkanSabranje for showing us another interesting place along the river danube.
Cache = OK / TNLN
LG namklaw

gefunden 17. Mai 2005 M & Ms hat den Geocache gefunden

FTF!! [:D]
With some puzzeling and after trying one wrong (weird) idea we had no problems to find the cache area. Locating the micro was not so easy.
We started in the afternoon, searching at the right position, but we just didn't see it. [8D][:O]
In the evening, BS/2 told us that we've been right. So we went to search once again. When we came back to the cache area, we didn't search, we just found the cache at 21:00. [^]

As we started to hide the cache, suddenly lots of muggels (firemen after a training) appeard, so we had to wait for 1/2 hour. [:O]

IN: selfmade marine knot (made while waiting...)
OUT: ---

Thanks for the nice idea, for confirming our theory and the great cache.
Michael & Martina

PS: We dedicate this cache find to Laurenz, the skipper who will guide us through the croatian sea in September. He confirmed the decoding of the hint.

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