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gefunden 15. Juni 2008 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachdem beim letzten Besuch wie bereits von CrazyGustav beschrieben, die Dose tatsächlich nicht mehr vor Ort war, schließe ich mich dem Nachloggen an.

Also ich find diese AL-Caches ganz schön aufwendig :-)

nicht gefunden 07. Juni 2008 divingbrothers hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

gemeinsam mit Team CrazyGustav versicht, aber trotz spoiler, studium der logs und telefonjokern, haben wir die dose nicht gefunden.

wir waren mit 99,95% sicherheit am richtigen ort, aber auch nach einigem graben war da nix.

gefunden 17. Februar 2008 Mausbiber hat den Geocache gefunden

Von Mrs. Mausbiber bereits vor längerer Zeit gelöst. Bei unserem Graz Wochenende ergab sich nun endlich die Möglichkeit den Cache zu heben. Heute war es unheimlich kalt, aber der wunderschöne Ausblick war Entschädigung genug. Den Cache konnten wir mit Hilfe der Spoilerbilder doch noch finden, weil er lt. unserer Messung heute ca. 35m off war. Ein wirklich schönes Plätzchen mit traumhafter Aussicht! LG die Mausbiber, Susanna & Heinz

gefunden 16. September 2007 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

15:10 CEST
Wohoo! I can now finally say that I have found all currently active geocaches listed at geocaching.com within the city borders of Graz.

Ages ago I borrowed some of this authors' books from the library of the University of Graz and quickly scanned through them in order to find the necessary information. This way and with some research I found the answers to three of the six questions.
Today I decided to have another look at the listing and my values, as it was such a nice day and no other caches nearby that I haven't already found..
Anyway, with the available information I could reduce the possible search-area down to a few meters and after a quick look at the map I was already on my bike and on the way to the cache location.
The micro was very well hidden, I had to dig it out of the ground. After signing the log and taking some pictures I rehid it the same way.

gefunden 08. November 2006 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

Unser erster AL und noch dazu der nächste zu unserer Heimkoordinate.

Die Koordinatenkorrektur hatten wir nicht registriert, aber nach einiger Suche haben wir den Cache dann gefunden. Der Cache lag frei da deswegen wurde er auch gefunden. Haben uns mal wieder über den "Müll" im Wald gewundert.

Nach der (erfolgreichen) Suche haben wir durch die Bäume dann noch ein wunderschönes Abendrot genießen können.


Angi & Martin

Hinweis 14. Mai 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Message in short: The cache is still at its place.

Long story:
As I need weather conditions that are more dry and stable than those forecasted for today to visit the Badlgraben, I decided to visit this cache again and see if it's still at its place.

Despite that fact that I realized today that I had threwn away the coordinates of the cache, I decided to give it a try as I hoped that I would be able to remember the location once there. So I took my bicycle and left my home into the direction of this cache. I left the bike close to the cache and continued on foot. As soon as I had reached the target area, I indeed was able to remember the scenario from two previous visits 1.5 years ago. I found a candidate location which looked very promising (despite the fact that the camouflage material which was there at my last visit had disappeared), but I almost failed. I digged around for quite some while and already thought that the micro had indeed been disappeared meanwhile. After 5 minutes I was, however, finally successful and found the originally white film canister - today its colour was closer to brown (the same colour my hands and parts of my arms had after my digging action).

There was water in the film canister and the logging sheet was in terrible condition. I left a replacement film canister (yet another of those white ones which are not very tight, but I did not have another one with me). The film canister contains only a log sheet - no pencil (also the original one did not contain a pencil). I tried to prepare the hideout in a way that the film canister will not sink down that quickly again, but in any case the place is not that well suited for film canisters.

In any case, Wild-Wuggis who deserves a "found it" log can now come again to visit this cache if he wishes to do so. (I guess that he has searched also at this place at his two attempts, but failed because unlike me he could not have the confidence that he was searching at the right place.)

Back at my bike I was quite glad that a had an additional water bottle with me which I used to clean my hands somewhat. In any case, the target area of the cache is nice at all seasons and invites for longer walks, and I enjoyed the visit to the area once again. What a pity that literature caches are so unpopular in Styria (I regret this even more in the case of AL018-WH).

Now BalkanSabranje owes me a film canister .


[DE:] Der Cache ist noch vor Ort. Ich musste die Filmdose allerdings richtiggehend ausgraben. Es befand sich einiges an Wasser in der Filmdose - der Logzettel war unbrauchbar. Ich habe die Filmdose durch eine neue ersetzt (allerdings wieder eine von den weissen, die nicht sonderlich dicht sind - ich hatte keine andere bei mir). Die Filmdose enthaelt einen Logstreifen, aber keinen Bleistift (es gab auch keinen in der Originalversion). Ich habe mich darum bemueht das Versteck so zu praeparieren, dass die Filmdose nicht gleich wieder einsinkt, aber das Versteck ist nicht sonderlich gut fuer Filmdosen geeignet.

gefunden 25. Dezember 2004 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Good news in short: I finally found the cache. I already thought that once again we have to rely on oe1iks to travel to another town to find one of the AL-caches hidden by BS .

After my DNF log yesterday I exchanged e-mails. It turned out that one of the many places where I had searched to no avail for the cache seemed to be right one. As the weather was very nice once again and the cache owners are currently in some other corner of Austria, I decided to give this cache a final try.

If I had not known that the cache had been hidden at this place, I would not have found it today as well. I had to dig it out at a place which I had checked also yesterday although it was at quite some distance from my coordinates. I had looked at the place yesterday only because the hint applied and something else attracted my attention. It happened already before to me that I have overlooked caches at places which I had searched carefully, but in those cases it was because I was sort of blind which did not apply this time because the cache was not visible at all. I cannot become more specific without providing spoilers.

The cache container and its contents are still in good condition. Let's hope that the log sheet will stay dry. The translucid film containers are not that tight and humidity enters easily in the forest. The log sheet is very small - so restrict your log to the strict minimum.

The coordinates where I found the cache differ considerably from the coordinates I had obtained (in particular as the East coordinate is regarded). Even if I should have used the wrong value for F originally (I then tried, however, all values in my despair), the coordinates measured by my GPS would be off by several meters from the nearest candidate point. The combination of an apparently wrong East coordinate, the presence of several objects of the type mentioned in the hint, the availabilty of thousands of hiding places and above all a film canister that needed to be digged out, was too much for me yesterday.

Be careful when searching for the cache on a sunny day. The hideout can be seen from a path.

Thanks for this challenging cache. I enjoyed all three visits. Nice weather each time, pleasant bike rides and walks! Moreover, I learnt quite a lot I have not known about RPG's work. Maybe I need ten new caches of this type for next year to lose some weight ....

Maybe someone wishes to take the opportunity of visiting this cache during the holiday season! Once you have obtained the correct coordinates and do not miss the cache at its hiding place as it happened to me, this cache does not require too much time. If you are lazy and approach the cache by car as far as possible (allowed, but not recommended), then it even can be done in a rather short amount of time.

No trade.

nicht gefunden 24. Dezember 2004 cezanne hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Another day, another attempt. This time I used the new coordinates I obtained after BS have changed the cache description and removed a bug.

As the weather was so nice today (sunny and warm!), I decided to give this cache another try. I had hoped for a small self confidence booster, but again my cache hunt had a disappointing end.

Like yesterday I came by bike and walked the last part.

What I found: A place from where one has a nice view to the Schoeckl, several objects of the type mentioned in the hint, many places to hide a film canister, many people and dogs (or probably they rather found me ).

What I did not find: A place with 3* terrain (a place close to the place where I searched today can be reached by car and the terrain for the remaining part is also not difficult), a film canister .....

I gave up after an hour of fruitless search - it is Christmas not Easter, but I felt like searching for Easter eggs what I do not like at all.

Either the film canister is not any longer at its place or it seems to be very well hidden or I was again at the wrong place (like yesterday I also tried different values for F) and finally searched in the vicinity of several of the objects mentioned in the hint. The hint is not very helpful, and also not very precise. (Distance can be quite relative.)
A second hint or a more precise one would have been highly welcome. I do not want to disturb small animals and have to search in all sorts of holes and poke around with sticks ... I was reminded of Dunja's posting in the Austrian geocaching forum. Unfortunately, I did not even know whether I was at least at the right place.

I guess I will wait until this cache is found by someone else. Maybe I will give it another try next year. The area always warrants having a walk there and is also suitable for running.

I suggest to increase the difficulty rating of the cache, but to decrease the terrain rating (at least if I was at the right place today).

I would have liked to find a cache on December 24, but probably today is not a good day for Styrian cachers (as Gert also failed at another cache).

nicht gefunden 23. Dezember 2004 cezanne hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Well, it seems that my geocaching abilities do not suffice for caches hidden by BS. It took me several efforts to obtain all the necessary information.

When I saw the cache, I realized immediately with which author it deals with and I already knew that it would not a become an easy cache for me. I have read only two books by this author (where I have to admit that I only had browsed through one of them). Unfortunately, only one question dealt with this book, and I could answer it right away for other reasons related to my family.

Unlike for other caches of the AL series, I was not even able in all cases to find out which book of the author is needed for which question of the cache. When doing reserach for the cache, I learnt quite a lot about the author. Thanks, BS1+2, for the motivation for doing so.
I had not even had heard before the title of two books which occur in this cache. Visits of three major bookstores yesterday during my lunch time in Graz did not bring me all the required answers, but at least I was able to find the right book for question B which had puzzled me for a quite a while as I originally had no time where to search for the answer to this question. Although I had found the right book for question D, I had troubles with the answer. I then guessed what has to be the right answer, but I feel that the question is not properly posed. [EDIT: It is properly posed now in the new version.] The position of a border is always relative to something. It can only be in the North, South, West or East of something.

As the online catalogue of the Styrian regional library in Graz did not work (and hence I was not able to check the availability of certain books) and since the nearest branch of the city library of Graz is closed on Wednesday, I had to wait for today to get access to yet another book of the author that finally brought me the answer to question B.
This book was not available in a single book store in the inner city of Graz.

In the early afternoon I came up with coordinates that seemed quite reasonable to me (for various reasons) and decided to give it a try in the later afternoon. I wanted to have some fresh air and to be alone at a place with no other people around and no one who wants to take photos of me or wants to publish them.

I went by bike to a place not too far from the cache and then continued on foot. It was a nice walk and the atmosphere was nice in the late afternoon.

Now the nice part comes to an end. I was not able to find the cache. My coordinates sent me to the edge of a forest with many possibilities for hiding a micro cache, but no immediate view to the Schoeckl (it was visible on my way, but I can see it also from my home which is quite far from where I searched for the cache). Moreover, there was no 3* terrain around. After some time I decoded the hint as it was close to getting dark and I had no light with me. There was no object around which is mentioned in the hint. I then tried to play around with the number C and chose other values (for example, the value obtained if also the letters of the word SCHLOSS=castle are counted), but this lead me to a meadow and to the edge of a street. Still no cache. I then gave up as it was dark and it seems that I searched at the wrong place anyway.

I do not have any idea where I could have made a mistake. As the reception was good today, it also seems unlikely that I was at essentially the right place.

Thanks BS for hiding a cache in my home region. Maybe I will give it another try at a later time. In any case, this is not an easy cache and it definitely is not suitable for cachers who are not fluent in German. (I wrote my log in English nevertheless for the sake of consistency with my other logs, and because I know that the cache owners do not object against English logs.)

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