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gefunden 23. April 2005 Neffen hat den Geocache gefunden

Wahnsinnig schöner Cache! Die beiden Teiche habens mir angetan. Am liebsten wär ich gleich dort geblieben. Kann nur jeden empfehlen den Cache zu suchen.

Vielen Dank dafür!

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gefunden 25. März 2005 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

This was our second cache today. I dared to go for it despite the misty weather because I had obtained guesses for A up to E in advance by a variety of methods. I was prepared to visit several locations in case some of the guesses were not correct.

We walked up the Kalchberg, but not on the optimal route as we wanted to avoid walking along the road. Unfortunately, some of the paths in the forest which we attempted to use did not lead us into the desired direction, so we had to walk some part in a trackless manner.

When we arrived at Stage 1 we could not find a church at all. At least I was able to confirm the values for D and E. When I was still looking around, DeeJay58 and his lovely dog Auka came along - I recognized them already from far apart. (I had notified DeeJay in the morning that Alice and I plan to visit his three caches today.)

Alice and myself continued to look for a church, even with the help of a spy-glass we could not see it. Even DeeJay58 was not able to identify the building as a church without knowing that it is a church. We could not count the yellow buildings either, but that did not matter as I was quite confident about the value B anyway. C could be obtained also on the spot - the result confirmed my guess.

Apart from the fact that we could not recognize the church which is needed for obtaining A, there was something else strange about A. The value obtained by using the map, would have led us to a place at a larger distance to Stage 1 than seemed to be reasonable. Thus I decided to take another value for A (add one to the value obtained according to the old description). I am surprised that Gert did not notice that something is strange about A. (The church which he probably took cannot be seen from Stage 1 and the church which DeeJay58 is talking about does not lead to the cave.)

DeeJay58 did not have the coordinates of his cache with him, but joined us on our way to the cave and confirmed that the direction shown by the GPS appears to be correct. It was the first time in Austria that I was accompanied to a cache by its owner. Using the cache description and the information from the GPS, it was neither difficult nor dangerous to reach the cave. There is indeed quite a lot of garbage both in front of the caves and inside. It is very, very sad how some people behave - calling them "human pigs" is an insult for any sort for animal.

Once arrived at the caves, Alice took out her Maglite torch and it was she who found the cache very quickly. The cache is in good condition. For the way back to the car, we chose the way along the street.

Thanks for this cache which is set up in a nice manner. If at least some of the garbage will be removed, the cache will become even more attractive.

Thanks, DeeJay58, for hiding the cache in this area with a rather low cache density and for accompanying us to the cache. It was a very nice chat - both Alice and myself enjoyed it .

No trade

PS: We did not encounter any bats, but we took care in any case to be be quiet and use the light in a careful manner.

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