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gefunden 01. Oktober 2004 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

After having done Weckemilch quite some time ago (at a rather cold winter day with snow and ice) and Grenzerfahrung und Widerstand recently, I was able to go also for this cache.

A very nice hideout (but not so easy to reach for me). Hopefully, the cache can stay at this place also during the next year. Alice was so kind to drive me to a place close to the cache. We found many plums on our way to the cache. Their number sufficed for two deliciously looking cakes and still many remain for the freezer and for future cakes respectively.

Does anyone know how the unexpected object found its way to the place where it can be found now? Its unsymmetric appearance is also quite interesting.

Thanks for the nicest cache series I have done so far. When being faced with so ingenious caches, I am wondering whether I should stop hiding caches - mine will never reach this level.

In: Crocodile figurine
Out: Marbles

gefunden 06. August 2004 murmeltier hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachtrag bei OC:
Found by Murmeltier!

Heute im zweiten Anlauf gefunden, nachdem ich beim ersten Mal wegen wiedriger Umstände aufgeben mußte.
Aber auch heute wars nicht ganz ungefährlich.
Sehr nahe am Versteck treiben sich erstaunlich viele Hornissen rum. Man muß sehr aufpassen, dass man sie nicht reizt. Also erst mal beobachten.
Sonst ein schöner Bonus Cache, nahe meinem Heimatdorf.
IN: murmeln by murmeltier
OUT: Canadian Geocoin

Reiner aka Murmeltier

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