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archiviert 18. April 2015 Homer Jay hat den Geocache archiviert

und tschüss

nicht gefunden 15. August 2007 eifelwanderung hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Only walk up to the hill and not to the cache. Decided not to walk into the vulcano, because cache maybe gone.

gefunden 26. Juli 2006 Schnati hat den Geocache gefunden

I found this Cache with Mom and Dad on our vacation.

Thanks for the Cache!

gefunden 26. Juli 2006 NDR hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 08. Dezember 2005 The Freds hat den Geocache gefunden

We were BETA-Tester for this Cache. When you are looking from the parking position to the vulcano, you possibly will think "This hike is easy!!!", but be careful. There is no way up and on the lava fields inside its tricky to walk on. The reward is a terrific view to the national park. Tanks to He3000 for leading us to such ununsual places.

OUT : nothing

The Freds

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