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gefunden 30. August 2016 SDBH-R hat den Geocache gefunden

Really great location. Though it was crowded, we enjoyed the walk around and the swimming in the river very much. Thanks to the hint and spoiler, the finding of the cache was no problem at all.
Thanks for the cache!

gefunden 16. April 2014 waldhorn hat den Geocache gefunden

What an beautiful area with so many waterfalls! Kueche an me visited this with our studygroup from Braunschweig. First I translate the hint not correct and searched at an dangerous place. But a colleague helped me and then it was no problem.

gefunden 30. August 2013 orscher1959 hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it. ..Later more

gefunden 31. Juli 2013 FlashCool hat den Geocache gefunden

Nakon kratkog hoda smo stigli do prvog gledanja platforme na impresivnim slapovima. U jutarnjim satima nisu bili toliko turista u nacionalnom parku na putu, search je takoder vrlo ugodan za cache.

gefunden 19. Juli 2013 DieFalken hat den Geocache gefunden

A day at the krka waterfalls together with the family.
Of course we did some caches today.

Thanks for the cache in a beautiful surrounding.

Best regards from the german team

Die Falken

gefunden 03. August 2012 Da.Verna&Di.Andre hat den Geocache gefunden

wird auf opencaching disabled und nur mehr auf geocaching gelistet!

Danke Werner&Andrea

Hinweis 31. Juli 2012 mic@ hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Wie zuvor angekündigt erfolgt hier nun die Archivierung. Sollten sich später neue Aspekte ergeben und der Cache wieder aktiviert werden, so kann dies durch den Owner selbstständig über die Funktion "Cache bearbeiten" erfolgen.
Bei Unklarheiten oder Fragen kannst du gerne mich oder das Team kontaktieren.

mic@ (OC-Support)

gefunden 15. Juli 2012 WolfKK hat den Geocache gefunden

Quick find on a sunny day in the Krka National Park.
TNLN TFTC and greetings from Germany

gefunden 12. Juli 2012 AnnaMoritz hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachlog GC

We came with the first boat in the morning, so the place still was without visitors. Short time later the masses arrived. We enjoyed staying at Krka waterfalls. TFTC GC out.

Hinweis 20. Juni 2012 mic@ hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Both listings (OC+GC) are not synchronized anymore. The coordinates on OC are: N 43° 48.202 E 015° 57.881 The coordinates on GC are: N 43° 48.256 E 015° 57.907 That is a difference of 105.903 m ! This is not acceptable, so I disable this listing now. Please fix the coordinates within end of next month (31.07.2012), otherwise I have to archive the cache.
Best wishes, Mic@ (OC-Support)

gefunden 12. Juni 2012 TEMBO(Ausrufezeichen) hat den Geocache gefunden

Mit EL TORO! war dieser Cache in einer wunderschönen Gegend schnell gehoben.


nicht gefunden 05. Juni 2012 steingesicht hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Could not reach the cache box due to some construction work at the location. I do not believe that the cache is there anymore

Bilder für diesen Logeintrag:
construction worksconstruction works
construction worksconstruction works

Hinweis 03. August 2011 lukida hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Please move the cache to another place. The park guards are always present and the location is visable to visitors from all quarters. However the place is really nice, thank you for showing.

gefunden 05. Juli 2011 Aldokyl hat den Geocache gefunden

Found on a short trip to the south. Thanks for the cache.

nicht gefunden 27. September 2010 Die Steinbeisser hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

We didn´t find the Cache. Cache area is now used as a compost pile. Holes in the wall are closed with cement. Park managment didn´t allow us to go into the cache area.


gefunden 27. September 2009 Zwerg Nase hat den Geocache gefunden

Zusammen mit ice13-333 im Kroatien-Urlaub gefunden.

Found this cache with ice13-333 at our croatia-holidays.



gefunden Empfohlen 27. September 2009 ice13-333 hat den Geocache gefunden

Zusammen mit Zwerg Nase im Urlaub auf kleiner Rundreise. Die Wasserfälle und die Umgebung hier ist absolut Klasse. Wir hätten noch stundenlang hier bleiben können. Danke fürs Zeigen.

Log: 17:00

(GC#794 Gesamt#808 OC#258)

Today Zwerg Nase an I startet a short trip to cache. Great Place here! Thanks for showing.

gefunden 13. September 2009 KleineRatte hat den Geocache gefunden

When I reached the location I never thought that I could log this cache because there were so many muggles. But the hiding place is very good and you're perfectly covered from the tourists icon_smile_wink.gif. And after logging the cache at 11:00 am we surely took a bath under the waterfalls icon_smile_cool.gif.
TFTC and greetings from Germany,

Bilder für diesen Logeintrag:
Krka WaterfallKrka Waterfall

gefunden 24. Mai 2009 camel_f hat den Geocache gefunden

#880 13:50

A very nice place you have to visit !
And sure me made the hole round though the waterfalls.
We had to look a bit for the cache, but finally its in good condition.


camel_f & B

IN : TB Bruno
OUT : TB Blue Kangaroo

gefunden 22. August 2008 gugu hat den Geocache gefunden

we found it early in the morning!
excellent location for a cache.

team gugu

no coin or tb was found inside.

gefunden 27. April 2008 Lord Harry hat den Geocache gefunden

2nd Cache on our sailing tour!
Very nice place!
I think spring is the best time for this Cache!
Lord Harry / Austria
out: GC

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gefunden 25. Oktober 2006 JoergTh hat den Geocache gefunden

What a nice place to hide a cache. Found it very quickly!
Thank you very much

Greetings from Team JoergTh / Limburg (Germany)

Out: Rubel
In: Eurocent

gefunden 09. September 2005 Da.Verna&Di.Andre hat den Geocache gefunden

Cache Maintainance by the owner.
Cache in best Condition and right in place.
New Pic's uploaded. Description updated.

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