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gefunden 18. Oktober 2008 M & Ms hat den Geocache gefunden

1st one together with b_r_e_i_t_i and powermik this weekend.
A nice and rather short tour through a well known area. Lots of memories every now and then. At the final coordinates we knew we were right. The cache was found at first sight. [:D]

It is always funny to see how all the caches of The_Plank make us feel like home. We really know every road, every church and every stone 'round here.

This cache is somehow a well-done "best-of". [^]

Two days later, our landlady asked us what we would do today. (We come here since 5 years and she never asked why...) We told her something about "hiking around". She then said, she would give us her "books of stones of the area" the next time so we could go and find the interesting stones.

She looking quite astonished when we told her the names of 7-8 stones around and we mentioned some other places, too. [:D]

Thanks for showing us around again!!

No trade.
Martina & Michael

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gefunden 19. Mai 2007 ime hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 21. April 2006 Da.Verna&Di.Andre hat den Geocache gefunden

Our 9th Doserl, the last for today.
Had fear of the schizophrenic land owner, but thanks god, nothing happened...
The most innovate "pütz" hideout we have ever seen! hihi
IN: Extremly nice mussle, Les Baiser du Dragon.
OUT: The biggest Plank Crystal

gefunden 30. Juli 2005 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

Die Internet-vorarbeit hat Martin gemacht, den Rest haben wir gemeinsam ermittelt. Hat zwar gedauert und meine Geh/Autofahr Bilanz ist deutlich negativ ausgefallen, aber das wird nicht der einzige Cache sein, wo das so ist....
Sehr kreativer Hidingplace.
Danke, Dunja
in: TB Pinguin, Klamerentferner
out: Kristall

gefunden 30. Juli 2005 bevema hat den Geocache gefunden

The 'a e b f c d g b a g' was a real bummer, we almost drove around useless with our cachemobile. Some stages were solved as homework, but a visit IRL to them is still strongly advised. While the womanized part searched for the Graslstone, we planned our future steps on the notebook, supported by a shady resting place and a digital AMAP ;).
Stage 5 was interesting, stage 6 was done in advance, stage 7 not at all. Stage 8 ws very nice, even when closed, never saw such a nice owergrown forge before. Interlude done as homework in advance, stage 9 as drive-by. The formula for stage 10 was quite tricky, but my companions did it on paper, so I gave Excel a rest. The physically stage let some questions arise (why we ?, why now ?, why ?), but unrealistic results were soon removed, as we refused to leave the country for finding the cache.
While enjoying a pleasant dinner in Litschau at the Tröpferl (the Litschauer Gröst'l is very recommendable) we sent our alter egos to pay a visit to the schizophrenic owner and retrieve the cache :o).
Afterwards, it took me almost 10 hours to decide what to trade, but as it was within a time warp , no harm was caused 8D.
With best thanks to thePlank, Martin of BeVeMa (11:59 p.m., phew !!)

In: big blue paper-clip
Out: jumping jack (the flash was gone already

gefunden Empfohlen 03. April 2004 Gavriel hat den Geocache gefunden

For the first time in my geocaching-life I didn't end up in miscalculations [:)]. I tried to find Penguin by the help of Stage one, no success (too much water, I suppose).
St 2: The road was closed because of temporary forest work, so I didn't visit it in real life.
St 4: Nice starting point to visit Grasl Stone. Only problem: there is little room to leave the cache-mobil.
St 5: First I tried to get there from the wrong side and had to make a large detour. Nice building. Very quiet area.
St 7: I knew the word from Tyrol but had no idea it was latin.
St 8: Great place. I would not have found that without the cache.
Interlude: Meanders? The only thing I saw today was an enormous lake filling up the whole valley. If it wasn't for the map I would not have known that there is a little river beneath the mess.
The number of dragonflies I had to estimate (forgot to look that up).
St 9: Locals are probably still wondering what I was doing there, sitting in a car with sheets of paper, scribbling things down
St 10: I was surprised to find that one. Happy to see that all my calculations so far were correct I decided to go for the final, although it was getting late.

The cache: What a brilliant idea! For a moment I thought I would go into a little "Veitstanz" or crying fit [:)]
Go for it, folks, its worth the hard work.

The cache is in a horrible condition. One of the boxes was filled with water, the accu-thing is ruined. The other box has fared slightly better.
I took several of the completely soaked things out. The rest I dried as good as I could, put them in a zip-loc, placed in the better box, wrapped it in an additional bag, closed it with a rubberband, put it back in the original bag for rehiding.
I hope I didn't attract attention, I was spending a lot of time there (from 19:10 on). Some cars came by, but no pedestrians.

Out: Accu, Poncho (needs drying before replacing it somewhere else), rusty crystal, rusty coin
In: Bat out of Hell


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