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gefunden 01. November 2007 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

14:20 CET
Decided to use this nice day to go for this cache together with terrorobe.
As there was no other spot to leave the car I had to leave it a few meters after a sign that forbids driving there for non-locals (hair-pin bend between the street in the valley and the one on top). The area covered by this prohibition is quite large..
The first few stages were quite easy, but stage 5 was nowhere to be found. After searching for quite a while I tried to contact the owner, but he wasn't reachable. Even some other phone-joker unfortunately couldn't help. After nearly digging out the tree I finally reached the owner who confirmed that we were looking at the right location - unfortunately it seems that the micro there is gone.
Luckily he told me some coordinates - not of the next stage, but of the final location so we could skip most of the Up&Down part.
The final was quickly found, thanks. TNLN.

gefunden 19. Juni 2007 meliponini hat den Geocache gefunden

Jaaaa. Heute (beim sage und schreibe 4. Versuch) konnte ich endlich den Cache finden.
Stage 6 ohne Probleme ? und ohne GPS [8D] ? genau dort gefunden, wo ich das letzte Mal gesucht haben und gescheitert bin, dann endlich ging es Richtung Final. Da gab es dann wieder das gleiche Spiel wie so oft: Mein GPS schickte mich im Kreis herum [:(!]. Aber diesmal gab?s kein Aufgeben. Zu guter Letzt konnte ich mich wohl verdient im Logbuch verewigen.

Trotz der Strapazen vielen Dank für diesen Cache.

TNLN meliponini

Hinweis 19. Juni 2007 DeeJay58 hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben


Seit gestern ist die Kalchbergstraße, an der zumindest Station 1 liegt, mit einem FAHRVERBOT, ausgenommen Anrainerverkehr belegt. Daran sollte man sich unbedingt halten, da dieses sehr streng kontrolliert werden wird (vorallem in nächster ZEit). Da ich mich selbst sehr stark für das Verbot eingesetzt habe, würde ich alle Suchenden aber auch in Zukunft bitten, sich daran zu halten.

Ich verspreche aber, dass ich mir etwas einfallen lassen werde. Dafür muss ich aber erst mal schauen, von wo bis wo, das Verbot eigentlich gilt. Ich werde dann entweder Parkkoordinaten angeben oder eine andere Idee haben. Bis dahin, fährt besser nicht rauf, sofern ihr keine Anzeige von Anrainern oder der Polizei riskieren wollt.
Sollte doch eine Anzeige mit der Post kommen, bitte ich Euch, dass ihr euch sofort mit mir in Verbindung setzt. Sollte aber nach diesem Logeintrag natürlich nicht passieren.

Das Icon habe ich geändert.

Bis auf weiteres....

gefunden 27. August 2006 Waldschratbrigade TLU hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 26. August 2006 Mausbiber hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir befürchteten beim Titel ja schon Schlimmes, aber es kam noch Schlimmer *gggg* !! Koordinaten waren sehr genau!
In: Marker
Out: Coin
LG die Mausbibers, Susanna & Heinz

gefunden 18. März 2006 j-blue hat den Geocache gefunden

Dank meiner "Beziehungen" zum owner ersparte ich mir hier einmal UP&DOWN Dank Auka (die mich begleitet hat und wieder einmal mehr als mein "persönlicher Lift" fungierte) war das eine Mal up auch keine Hexerei.

Außerdem traf ich hier wieder auf meinen TB Rocky der noch immer auf jemanden wartet der ihn westwärts bringt!

IN: TB Orienteering
Out: Santa

gefunden 11. März 2006 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Since I still had gavriel's Travelegg TB in my inventory, I decided to go for a cache where I expected a TB of medium size to fit - not an easy task as some caches are not within my reach at the moment and others are micros.

Since I could not spot a good candidate place for leaving my car by looking at the map, I left it at quite some distance of Stage 1. As the weather was nice and I did take the information for time and distance given at the oc.de site for serious, I thought this would be a good decision anyway to extend my walk a little bit. In retrospect, my decision was not that ideal. My walking distance became quite large due to various reasons including my own stupidity.

I had no problems at Stages 1 and 2. At Stage 3 I first too a wrong object, but realized my mistake only later when my two candidate versions for coordinates for Stage 5 both did not make much sense. Stage 4 was easy again, but I nevertheless I was rather puzzled at that stage since only at that stage I computed A/B and realized that the result was not an integer. So the absolute value of A/B does not consist of two digits and I started to have doubts whether I made a mistake somewhere or whether the description was wrong. I decided to try two values for V as the coordinates were not that much apart. In any case, I am wondering why Dr Torque wrote that the calculations at Stage 4 were easy even for him as the command to compute the absolute value of A/B clearly is not what is required at Stage 4. Instead the task is to compute the floor function of A/B, or in other words, round down the result of A/B to the next smallest integer.

The first candidate value for V led me to a place where I came across many traces in the snow and it seemed that several people have searched there for something. After searching for a not too long time, I checked the other candidate point resulting for a larger value of V, but that location did not seem likely. What was strange that again foot steps led quite close to that other location. I then returned to the original location and wrote an sms to DJ58 asking him whether my coordinates were correct. He was so kind and quickly called back, but as he was skiing he did not have the coordinates with him. At least he could tell me that I was in the right area which turned out to be the most important information for me. The rest which he told me was either something which I had already expected or which I could have obtained from the hint section (in case I would have read it, but due to the fact that the hint section appears to contain a typo and lists a hint for Stage 4 whioh most probably corresponds to Stage 5, I ignored it).
2 minutes after talking to DJ58, I then found the micro. The lid looks as if at least one animal has grabbed the micro. The laminated sheet with the coordinates is ok, the information sheet is damp. (BTW: I suggest to change the headline of the laminated sheet - it might cause some confusion.)

As my map did not show any nice path from Stage 5 to Stage 6 and I did not want to risk getting stuck in private area, I returned to the nearest road, followed it for a while until I found a path leading close to Stage 6. The last part of my walk to Stage 6 led through quite deep snow with no traces whatsoever. I was already quite worried that I would have no chance at all to find the micro, but wanted to give it a try nevertheless. Fortunately, there were not many hideouts close to the coordinates and I found the micro at the second place where I looked at. The area around Stage 6 is nice, even in Winter. The last part of the walk to Stage 6 and the first part of my walk to the final were what I liked most about this cache. The other parts led me too much along paved roads, but that might exist nicer paths which are not shown on the AMAP. In case a better route choice exists, it migth be helpful to add some explanations to the cache description.

When I saw the coordinates of the cache, I was frustrated for a while. I had hoped that the final stage would not lead me again more far away from my car. After a minute of frustration, I decided to collect all my energy and go for the cache as I really wanted to drop off the TB. After another walk where I again had to follow a road for some time, I then arrived in the target area and found the cache quickly. The hideout is a logical one and parts of the container were visible.

After finding the cache, a rather lengthy walk back to my car waited for me that was not my favourite walk back from a cache ..... Fortunately, the sun was shining and it was warm. In rain, it would have been a real pain.

Probably, it would be a good idea to do most parts of this cache with a bicycle. A car can be helpful as well, but than one has to leave it at the edge of the street and hope that no one will complain. Near to Stage 1 there is some space for leaving a car, but I was quite glad that I did not drive up there as when I passed by a man was engaged with forestry works and had parked his car there.

Personally, I will associate the cache with a different name, but I cannot become more precise as this might become a spoiler. In any case, I had many ups and downs today, both as my mental condition was regarded as well my walking route was concerned which partially resulted from a bad choice of the location where I left my car and from the mistake I made at Stage 3.

This cache took me much more time as I had expected in advance and I have to admit that the cache was also quite different from what I expected from the description. In retrospect, the background is clear to me, but again I cannot become more specific without telling more about the cache as I want to do in a public log.

I feel that both the distance and the time information given at this site for this cache are misleading if not wrong.

In: TB Travelegg
Out: -
(I left j_blue's TB as it is quite large and I would not be able to bring it to a Canada-like landscape soon and do not want feel obliged to go for a cache just to drop off a TB)

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