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Hinweis 13. April 2006 alice hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Nachdem der Micro vermutlich durch Fussballmuggles entwendet wurde, weshalb ein Ersetzen wenig sinnvoll erscheint, geht er hiermit in die ewigen Cachejagdgründe ein.

[EN:] Cache is gone.

nicht gefunden 13. April 2006 cezanne hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

It was not easy for me to get the right idea about how the location of this cache can be obtained. After thinking about the cache as while when it showed up, I gave up and started a new approach after my arrival in Germany. This time I was more successful because I had something at my disposition which I did not have at home. Still my search for the right location in the target area would have taken longer than the patience of Alice and Aron who accompanied me would have allowed. So Alice helped me by choosing an appropriate parking location where she left the car. Once there, it is obvious that one is at the right place. So I started my search and became very frustrated after 15 minutes in which I looked all possible and impossible places. I could not find the cache. Then Alice came and asked me whether I became blind, but fortunately for me and unfortunately for the cache it turned out that I am not yet blind, but the cache is gone ....

The idea on which this cache is based is nice, but I would rate the difficulty by 3.5*. Unfortunately, this cache had only a very short life and only one find .

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