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gefunden 17. April 2014, 09:19 bawang hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf meiner kleinen Urlaubstour die mich diesmal in den Südwesten Europas führen soll durfte auch diese schöne Dose nicht fehlen.

During my travel Tod south-west Europe i search and visited also this nice cache,

Danke/thank you

17. April 2014 9:19

gefunden 11. August 2011 TheOnlyTruth hat den Geocache gefunden

Arggh. What an commercial place. We thought it's all open and we may can do a little help there, but it's all with taxes and very lots of tourists. Not very nice.

The caches was fast in our hands.

C. + S.

gefunden 16. Juli 2011 skrell hat den Geocache gefunden

Trouvée pendant notre visit à Guédelon.
Quel location phantastique!
Ma coin commence sa voyage ici [:)]

gefunden Empfohlen 28. August 2010 Nekromiko hat den Geocache gefunden

H there,

after our first visit here in 2004 the construction-site changed a lot!
New is also the cache, so we visit it too! Thank you for giving us another reason to come here...

Nekromiko from Germany

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