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gefunden 26. Juni 2006 npg hat den Geocache gefunden

.....a very very very long march  ;) - Yeah, definitely! But the half time of the journey i searched on the wrong place...
Starting by the parking lot to the Traunstein (therefore no boat ;))- hiking up the long way in direction Mairalm - walking round the Schönberg, and then run down the road.
Reached Karbach pretty fast, but where to go  :) - hey,find a way (the Marathonrunners around Traunsee take this path next weekend) - a small path. A Waterfall, and a sign: 'Way up on your own risk'(in German). So climbed up, 240m to the cache, yeah... further up (very steep) - 340m to the cache... after around 350 in altitude i took the description , hmm - seems i'm wrong here - nothing of dangerous climbing.
So way back to the inn in Karbach, drinking 1l (antialcoholic!) in no time. Then, the brain filled with new fluid, i have a vision. Could this be, could i be so stupid? Yes, i could  ;) - then the cache was an easy task.
in: a puzzlegame
out: carrot - (for fresh up the energy)

thx npg - maybe once i take the way there from Rindbach(Ebensee)

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Take this view? I'm think you are wrong here ;)Take this view? I´m think you are wrong here ;)

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