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archiviert 05. Juni 2013 volker hat den Geocache archiviert

plus accessible, dommage

sorry, no longer accessible

keep on caching,


gefunden Empfohlen 18. Januar 2009 howc hat den Geocache gefunden

Thats my main reason for caching... old and ancient buildings, ruins, castles and so on. My favorite cache in France so far. And I have to say I was completly wet from the heavy rain today (which stopped immediatly when I came back to my hotel), nearly fell down in the dirt...I had much fun doing this. If it were not for the weather I would have spent some extra time.

Last Question: WHY are there sooooo many micros around here? I can't get rid of all the trackables I've got with me. Won't any local cacher hide a regular cache in Nevers to trade... or if someone want's to fetch some personally... I'm still here for some time. *gggggg*

(Will add pictures soon)


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