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gefunden 19. August 2007 Mausbiber hat den Geocache gefunden

Zu Hause brav die Heimarbeit gemacht und nun bei unserem Grazbesuch die "Fieldwork" absolviert. Sehr nettes Versteck!
LG die Mausbibers, Susanna & Heinz


Hinweis 11. April 2007 j-blue hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Tafel ist weg, muss den cache ändern

gefunden 24. Dezember 2006 rieglerp hat den Geocache gefunden

rätsel schon vor längerem gelöst, heute mittag ohne muggels den cache bergen können.


gefunden 10. Dezember 2006 Lord Harry hat den Geocache gefunden

Cooles Rätzel!
Schnell gefunden!!
Lord Harry

gefunden 06. November 2006 styrian bastards hat den Geocache gefunden

Das "Rätsel" schon länger gelöst (wenn auch zum Zeitpunkt der Suche schon wieder vergessen [:I]).
Im "Teamwork" glücklicherweise kein Problem.

Hundstrümmerl aufgepasst: mich habt ihr nicht erwischt, dafür gabs massenhaft Kellerasseln die sich über den cache hergemacht hatten...

gefunden 25. Oktober 2006 gebu hat den Geocache gefunden

Am Montag wegen Muggles aufgeben mussen, nächtens nach einem Regenschauer wars kein Problem. Bei den Fragen haben sich nur die zwei Flüsse etwas länger gewehrt. Danke für den Cache.

gefunden 20. Oktober 2006 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo Zusammen!

Nachdem wir beim ersten Versuch eine Berechnung nicht durchgeführt haben, haben wir den Cache nach Behebung unseres Fehlers leicht gefunden.

No Trade

Angi & Martin

gefunden 20. Oktober 2006 DeeJay58 hat den Geocache gefunden


gefunden 14. Oktober 2006 Waldschratbrigade TLU hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir haben den Cache heute relativ rasch gefunden. Jaja, wer sich verrechnet muß halt extra Runden durch das Zielgebiet drehen. Uns stellt sich nur die Frage was das Zielgebiet mit Vietnam zu tun hat. Wir haben da unsere Vermutungen, aber wer weiß schon Genaueres?


gefunden 10. Oktober 2006 GenerationCX hat den Geocache gefunden

found at 22.15h

the questions were solved fast, because they weren't that difficult. it is very helpful, that the first letter of the answers were given, so no wrong answer is possible. that was important, because, as cezanne already mentioned already, question two isn't formulated 100 % correctly, but everybody should solve it anyway.

many thanks to j-blue for hiding this cache. i hope it will survive longer and will be less maintenance-intensive than the original lunchbreak.


gefunden 10. Oktober 2006 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

19:45 CEST
Had some issues with the rivers but afterwards the micro was quickly found - thanks.

gefunden 10. Oktober 2006 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

When I saw this cache, it immediately attracted my attention due to the word Vietnam in the title. I had professional contacts with Vietnamese colleagues some years ago. Moreover, I am fascinated by Asian culture and history although I find it often quite hard to understand the different types of mentality. Vietnam is a very special country, unfortunately I have not been there myself and have only talked to native Vietnamese people and to European visitors to Vietnam. The questions of the cache also reminded me of the interview the famous number theorist Neal Koblitz conducted with the famous Vietnamese mathematician Hoang Tuy (see The Mathematical Intelligencer, Vol 12, No 3, 1990, 16-34). The title of the interview is 'Recollection of mathematics in a country under siege' and the article is touching also for non-mathematicians and also for people who have never met the extraodinary person Hoang Tuy.

Some of the questions to be answered to obtain the coordinates of the cache were trivial for me as I knew the answers right away, for the remaining ones, the answers were obtained very quickly within seconds. (In my opinion, the second question about Hanoi is wrongly formulated, but in any case, it is clear what answer is meant.)

The coordinates I came up with, looked very reasonable to me - so I decided to have a look at the location which is well known to me on my way to a supermarket because I wanted to buy some food. I did not have my GPSr with me and there were many people around, but due to my knowledge of the area, I was able to find, retrieve and rehide the cache without problems. In general, the early morning (recommended as daylight is helpful and less suspicious than using a torch) and the late evening might be the best times to look for the cache.

I am neither enthusiastic about the hideout of the cache nor about the vicinity of the place. I liked, however, the homework part of the cache and the idea to dedicate a cache to Vietnam and to the Vietnamese people. Thank you.

No trade

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