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gefunden 10. Juni 2005 styrian bastards hat den Geocache gefunden

styrian bastards haben wieder zugeschlagen:

Endlich den cache, der im Jänner begonnen wurde, vollendet.
Kamen diesmal klammabwärts, ein Teil der Raab, den wir bisher noch nicht kannten. Unterwegs neben uriger Gegend interessante Gegebenheiten entdeckt, wenn die wirklich so interessant sind, gibt es schon bald einen neuen Cache.

Am eigentlichen cache erst vorbeigelaufen (super Empfang!), nasse Füsse geholt (bitte keine Fragen), aber dann trotzdem gefunden.
Sehr gutes Versteck.

Sehr unterhaltsam finde ich die Steintürme, die hin und wieder auf den Felsen im Wasser aufgebaut sind. Haben welche hinzugefügt, gibt dem cache einen weiteren touch.

Danke für diesen schönen cache!

Hefi - Jungle

gefunden 23. März 2005 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute um 12:30 nach 1:30 Stunden suchzeit gefunden.
raus: Karabiner
rein: Pesetas
schöne wanderung
Angi & Martin

gefunden 18. April 2003 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Another cache together with Alice. Alice was very disappointed when I opened
the log book and told her that someone had found the cache already yesterday,
i.e, before us. I already guessed from the handwriting and the fact that I found
the puzzle in the cache box that Gert was the first finder of the cache.
(In his eagerness he forgot to sign the log.)

We had previously been in this part of the gorge, and in contrast to Gert,
we had used before the direct way along the Raab crossing it several times.
It is one of Alice's favourite places when she comes to visit me. I like hiking so close to the Raab, too, but for me some parts are rather demanding and sometimes tiresome because I am lacking the right technique. The new cache of gebu was a nice motivation for me to come again to this place and to continue practising .

Like Gert we used the hint at Stage 1 to speed up the search (at this time
we hoped to become the first finders ). The film cannister at Stage 2
was found very quickly. Taking into account the hiding place at Stage 2, I believe that 3* would be a more appropriate terrain rating. I am aware
of the fact that there exist easier (but less nice) paths leading close to the three stages than the direct approach along the Raab.
At Stage 3 we had to search quite a while. We had almost no GPS receception
at this place, so we read the hint after a fruitless search of some minutes.
Alice then found the cache at a place where she had already looked before, but
was misguided by the formulation of the hint. (I cannot write more details
without disclosing details about the hiding place.)

This is a very nice cache , but maybe the hint for the final stage should be
modified, or even a further hint be added. So far, we liked all caches of
gebu which we visited. We are already waiting for the next ones .

In: 10 Euro cent coin from Italy
Out: 1 cent coin from the USA

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